Liberal Vannin Call Area Plan Meeting

The Liberal Vannin Party has organised a public meeting in the north of the island to discuss the proposed Area Plan for the North and West.

A party press release said the meeting will focus on issues relating to the Ayre & Michael constituency, the seats for which are currently occupied by the Treasury and DoI Ministers. 

Under the plan, there would more homes and industrial units built in the north and west of the island and the party said the purpose of the meeting is to discuss issues with local residents and encourage people to respond to the consultation.

Paul Weatherall, Chair of Liberal Vannin and the local party representative for the Ayre & Michael constituency said: ‘As noted in the documentation, the perceived need for no additional housing will have to be reviewed during 2022/23 in the light of 2021 census data.

‘Growing numbers of people are choosing to work from home for part or most of the working week. This may lead to a need to rethink requirements for development in villages if more people are at home during the working day. This may also impact on requirements for active transport and bus and private commuter travel estimates may need to be reviewed. 

‘Residents of Douglas and Onchan may seek to relocate to live and work from home in the North and West which offers more affordable housing in what many would see as a more amenable environment.’

Mr Weatherall said the gov should ‘consider relocating government departments from Douglas to the North and West Area and the Area Plan needs to take such proposals into account’.

The plan will also seek to agree settlement boundaries, in particular the controversial proposal from Ramsey to expand into Lezayre, which would likely mean higher rates for residents of Lezayre if parts of it was swallowed up by the larger authority.

Mr Weatherall added: ‘Settlement boundaries must also take into consideration the coastal erosion from Kirk Michael to Jurby and from the Point of Ayre to Ramsey. It is unclear from the consultation documents what the term “Mixed” development includes or excludes. Guidance on this would be welcome.’

The gov is running a consultation on the Area Plan, which can be found here.

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