NHS App Could be Used to Prove Vaccine Status

Manx residents should be able to use the NHS app in the UK to prove their vaccine status, if that becomes necessary.

Director of External Relations Peter Boxer tweeted the news in response to a Sky News story about UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

In the interview, Mr Shapps said the UK gov was ‘redeploying’ the main NHS app to show that people have had a vaccine and that he is in talks with other countries to get the system ‘internationally recognised’. It remains to be seen whether this app will be approved for use on a wider scale and if it is the option the UK gov chooses to take.

Mr Boxer tweeted: ‘And did you know if IOM residents make the personal decision to do so, they can already have their vaccination status shown on the main NHS app.’

He added that it still isn’t known if the UK will definitely use the app in the long term, how it could be applied or who will need to use it.

To download the NHS app, open the App Store or Play Store and search NHS. Then download the NHS App, not the NHS COVID-19 app. Follow the instructions including providing your email address and phone number. You don’t need to know your NHS number, but you need to provide a copy of your passport/driving licence and complete registration. The system will then seek to confirm your identity before you can request for your records to be shared.

Our reporter Sam Turton has downloaded the NHS app and registered his details with it and will provide an update as to the success of this later on today.

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  1. I went through all the steps this afternoon to download and be registered in the UK NHS App. Once you are approved, if you click on “Check your Covid-19 Vaccine Record”, it doesn’t have the info. However, if you click on “GP Health Record” then click on “Immunisations”, it shows your Covid Vaccination details.

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