Howard, David, Dr Henny

Well good afternoon everyone

Quite a few changes today – lots of detail to run through 


  • 15 results awaiting 
  • 0 new cases
  • 13 active cases 
  • 2 hospital
  • 1 ICU

Dr Henny 

Reaffirming good news – no sporadic cases 

Suggested the group have not led to sustained transmission in the community 

We still want people to be aware of symptoms, please come forward for testing if you display any 


Covid 19 exit framework sets out a journey for our Island as we adapt to live in a world with the virus. Today’s changes today are significant.

Why we can change…

  • Smashing through the VAX programme. Over 75% of adults have had their first dose. Reduced likelihood of transmission. GAME CHANGER. Thanks team. 
  • Reduced level of infection in the UK. Most travel to IOM comes from though. Cases have plummeted. They are smashing through the VAX programme too 
  • UK’s own border controls such as red travel bans, help to protect IOM

So, from this Saturday, COMEN have agreed that there’s lots changing;


  • From 12 noon tomorrow – family members, partners and property owners can apply to travel on or after Sat 1st May. Apply online. Applications should be approved the same day. Full details on the Covid -19 website. Travellers need to declare a family relationship
  • Anyone with a contract of employment for 3 months can apply for an exemption (was 6 months)
  • I know borders restrictions have been hard for many, but they have served us well, they bought us time and saved lives. Pleased we can welcome family back 


  • Reduced to 7 days instead of 14 days. A negative C-19 test will be required on arrival and on day 6. There will be restrictions on where they can go between days 7-10. No pubs, theatre etc. Similar to when we had day 7 tests last year
  • Isolation in a shared household is now approved. Everyone in the household will be required to isolate for seven days, but only travellers will be required to undergo testing. (No test – isolate for 21 days)
  • All travellers who receive a negative test result can exercise once a day with a mask 
  • All of this only applies to people who arrive from Saturday onwards – soz but had to draw a line in the sand somewhere
  • There are different rules for anyone travelling, who has been outside of the UK and Channel Islands. This includes Ireland. They need to isolate for 14 days, and not in a shared household


  • The fee for travellers will reduce from £50 to £30 with only two required. The overall cost of testing will reduce to £60 from £150

Lots of info there, check the website for full details and Q&A

Changes are significant. Some will welcome, others will be cautious. 

Understandable that it may take time for some to adjust. 

More changes to come. Attention will move to future border changes. 


18+ register now for your VAX pls, otherwise you might need to wait a further 8 weeks. 

If you get an email, click the link to confirm otherwise your appointment is cancelled in the system. Check your spam too. 

Uni students can get doses here and in the UK. Or mix and match. Students must register with a local surgery here if not already. And if you’re going to Uni for the first time, register with a GP there too. 


Simon: Are you confident testing can cope with a surge in demand under the new regime?

Howard: Yeah, we’ve done it before. Hope we will, the team will be working hard. They’re a good team, they’ve done well. 

Simon: Travel abroad – prospects have improved? Will IOM replicate any requirements for international travel documents?

Howard: All residents need to travel through the UK anyway. So if the UK needs proof, we’ll work to enable it. Don’t see that we will have direct flights to Europe so UK rules and regulations will need to be followed.

Alex: Different Isolation rules for Ireland – Does it apply to the whole Island of Ireland?

Howard: NI is part of the UK so can come in. Republic of Ireland cases have gone up, if cases drop then we will be able to make changes. The UK has a traffic light system and will monitor people who have significant infection rates 

Alex: Non-residents arriving- will there be a review of messaging and penalties about the rules?

Howard: Revised direction notices, but some of it will be about trust. We can’t check everyone, there needs to be an element of trust 

Sam: Visiting the prison and hospital was suspended for 48 hours. What is the latest?

David: Manx Care has reassessed the situation and will keep restrictions in place for another week. As we didn’t about the three cases, we want to protect the hospital. 

Howard: Prisons are probs gonna copy what Manx Care does. Soon as we can move I’m sure they will. 

Sam: Pressure is being put on the UK gov for sharing vaccines, are you considering it? And what about international aid?

Howard: We have suggested that any underspend in our international aid budget goes towards paying for vaccines in poorer nations. The UK doesn’t have any spare capacity as there is a vast amount of second doses due. 

Support is there via vaccines or budget from us. 

Helen: Was Gov acting prematurely when it came to cancelling MGP?

Howard: We thought long and hard and spoke to racing teams. They need to get sponsorship etc. I’m a big MGP & TT fan so regretted it, but it was based on feedback 

Helen: Gonna put on any other events?

Howard: DFE are working on it

Helen: Are you in support of GSY style border testing at the point of arrival?

Henny: Significant infrastructure cost, GSY spent about 4 million. Of the opinion that we need to keep monitoring. 

Leanne: Is the Island on track to start allowing visits to care homes on May 1st?

David: Manx Care on track to lift restrictions next week. 

Leanne: In the UK, the number of people awaiting hospital treatment is higher than it’s ever been. Same here?

David: Waiting lists published. Depends on speciality, some are higher than others. Support from the UK will be limited 

Alex W: Clarity of the purpose of the meeting you had on the 25th of September with the Steam Packet?

Henny: It was to discuss the relaxation of the isolation rules. 

Alex W: How did you come out of a meeting on the 25th without finding out that those restrictions hadn’t been in place?

Henny: We were talking about bringing in testing. 

Alex W: Were Steam Packet not being truthful?

Henny: It didn’t come up.

Paul: Guernsey border testing. They are being proactive rather than reactive.

Howard: They haven’t got a TT Grandstand. As we move forward, we may adapt our policy. We may improve as circumstances change. 

Paul: Once borders open. Will you have a quota? Will they be visited?

Howard: Get approval online from Friday. You can’t just RACK up if you haven’t got approval. Expect travel UPTICK to be gradual. Let’s see how the systems stack up, we will learn from it.

Josh: When are we gonna get the Steam Packet investigation report? Will gov face scrutiny too?

Howard: Looking at both sides, could even be a mixture. We need to learn from it. Nothing will be perfect. SPC has done a great job, we need to learn from what went wrong so we can fix it 

Josh: Patient Transfers? Will their Iso change?

David: Yes, from the 1st, they will follow the 7-day pathway. 


Back next Thursday 

Have a blinding bank holiday weekend

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