It seems the march towards September is upon us as Onchan MHK Julie Edge has confirmed she will seek reelection in this year’s General Election.

Ms Edge was first elected in 2016 as a Liberal Vannin candidate but has since left the party. Since her election she has served as chair of the Post Office and as one of the most vocal backbench MHKs. 

Announcing her intention to seek a second term, Ms Edge said: ‘Since being elected to proudly serve the constituents of Onchan in September 2016, I have been fully committed to scrutinising and challenging the decisions of Government, holding them to account and striving for greater transparency and accountability. Our Government must always

make those decisions which are fair and which will work for the benefit of all Island residents – not the few – and this is something I will continue if successfully re-elected.’

‘I have delivered significantly on my 2016 election pledges to the people of Onchan and worked diligently in my Departmental and Committee roles, at all times ensuring transparency, accountability, and fully considering important issues, both nationally and locally.

‘During my time working for the people of Onchan as their MHK, I have successfully changed policy and legislation, most notably improving the election legislation for the voter, in respect of election candidates declaring any interests, associations, memberships or affiliations they may have as part of the nomination process.

‘Edge for Public interest, not self interest’ is my mantra as an MHK for the people of Onchan. I have been tenacious since being elected in holding the Government, Ministers, their Departments and Statutory Boards to account. The most important thing for me is that the people know that I will truly work for them, to explore their concerns, to fight their corner and to consistently challenge and scrutinise the decisions of the Government.

‘As a person of my word, I want to reassure the people of Onchan and the wider Isle of Man that I will continue to deliver required change, with the public interest as my primary motivator.’

Earlier today Enterprise Minister Laurence Skelly announced he will not seek reelection but will seek to be appointed as the next Tynwald President in July.

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