See What’s in the Sea

A good move for sea swimmers, as they will be able to make more informed decisions on where to take a dip from 1 May when a more stringent testing regime begins.

It comes after Tynwald approved the Water Pollution (Bathing Water Standards and Objectives) Scheme 2021 last week. 

The scheme sets out a system for sampling water quality at the beaches designated since Tynwald adopted Europe’s highest water quality standards in December 2019.

It means four designated beaches in Port St Mary (Chapel Beach), Port Erin, Ramsey South and Douglas will have water tested weekly and classified as either sufficient, good or excellent, dependent on bacterial concentrations.

The results will be clearly displayed on beach side signs and on the gov’s website, and sampling will continue throughout the bathing season between 1 May and 18 September. The results will form a unique bathing water profile showing information on the catchment area, river discharges, Manx Utilities infrastructure and pollution investigations.

All local authorities were invited to apply for the designation and the gov is working with those that were initially unsuccessful. 


An attempt by the Manx TaxPayers Alliance to view a copy of the Steam Packet report relating to Coronavirus protocols including a request for records of correspondence between the Treasury and the Steam Packet relating to this report has come back heavily redacted. 

Michael Josem of the MTPA said: ‘This taxpayer-funded report should have been published openly and transparently months ago. It should be published immediately, because the people of Mann deserve openness and transparency here.’

Further details, along with full copies of the underlying source documents are available online here.

MNH Wants a Builder

Manx National Heritage is seeking expressions of interest from building contractors to complete the next phase in the development of the new TT Gallery at the Manx Museum.

Set to open in 2022, the new gallery will offer a ‘world class visitor experience at the Manx Museum’.  

A statement from MNH said: ‘The new permanent exhibition will tell the story of the Isle of Man TT from its inception in 1907 to the present day.  It will offer visitors the opportunity to experience a tantalising, taste of the TT atmosphere all year round and portray the real-life stories of everyone involved – riders, families, mechanics, marshals and fans.

‘The basement floor of the Manx Museum is being fully refurbished and upgraded to house the new permanent exhibition that will celebrate and showcase the incredible story of the Isle of Man TT and the people that make it. Prior to being repurposed as part of the Island’s National museum, the basement was a hospital ward at the original Nobles Hospital, from when it opened in 1888. ‘

Norway Deal Collapses

The UK Fisheries CEO has said fishermen have been ‘disastrously let down’ by the UK Gov’s failure to reach a deal with Norway. As a result of the talks breaking down, UK fleets will not have access to Norway’s sub-Arctic seas. One trawler, which catches 10% of fish sold in chip shops, will be tied up for a year following the collapse in talks. The UK gov has claimed it offered a ‘fair deal’ but the two sides were unable to agree a compromise. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said fishing communities had been ‘betrayed by the Prime Minister’. The UK’s departure from the EU means it is no longer part of the European Common Fisheries Policy and instead negotiates with Norway directly over fishing catches.

Welcome Back!

Big news from England today as the FA and the UK gov appear to be ready to allow home AND away fans back into top flight football grounds from May 17. For the last two games of the Premier League, it has been agreed that up to 10,000 fans or 25% of the capacity, will be allowed to return to stadiums. If the plans get approval, 500 away fans will be allowed into grounds for games 37 and 38 giving each team one home and away game to play in front of their fans. 

Israel Disaster

The BBC is reporting that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to investigate a crush at a crowded religious festival that left at least 45 people dead. Visiting the scene near Mount Meron, he said it was one of the worst disasters the country had known and that an inquiry would ensure it did not happen again. Some 150 people were also injured at the all-night Lag B’Omer festival.  It seems a crush began when some people leaving the Orthodox Jewish event slipped in an overcrowded passageway.

Clarke Shows Pulled

ITV has decided to drop tonight’s final episode of Viewpoint after allegations of sexual harassment were made against leading man Noel Clarke.

A spokesman said it was ‘no longer appropriate to broadcast the final episode’. Sky has also ‘halted’ its work on the fourth series of crime drama Bulletproof.

The Kidulthood and Doctor Who actor has strenuously denied the allegations.

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