Stephanie Kelsey, founder of local business Beachpowder Limited, is set to pitch her sand-removing products to the Dragons in next week’s episode of Dragons’ Den.

Stephanie will take Beach Powder and Beach Powder Shimmer, two talc-free powders she designed to remove sand from the skin, into the Den in the hope of gaining financial backing for the products.

She said: ‘I was inspired to invent products that instantly remove sand from the skin because I love the beach but I don’t like taking it home with me! My products get rid of sand effortlessly – like magic! They’re eco-friendly and totally talc-free so they’re completely safe for adults, children and babies.’

Beachpowder started trading in 2019. Before going away for filming last year, Stephanie practised her pitch on her daughters. ‘My two girls aren’t nearly as scary as Deborah Meaden or Peter Jones though,’ she said.

‘I don’t think anything could have prepared me for walking into the Den and seeing the actual Dragons staring back at me.’

Beach Powder and Beach Powder Shimmer are manufactured on the Isle of Man and the sand-removing products are now sold across the United States, the UK and as well on the island.

Dragons’ Den is now in its 18th which has moved to BBC One this year from BBC Two. Stephanie’s episode will be broadcast on Thursday May 13 at 8pm on BBC One.

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