Paul’s 100KM Challenge to Raise Funds for School

A Gef writer has set himself a target of running 100km this month to raise money for a primary school.

Paul Speller is raising the money for the school association at Henry Bloom Noble Primary in Douglas, to spend on activities, events and equipment to support wellbeing for the pupils.

It comes just a couple of weeks after Paul wrote an article for Gef calling for a greater focus on emotional and mental health support in all schools, following the lockdowns.

Paul is on the committee of the school association at HBN. He said: ‘After writing that article, and seeing the positive response it received, I thought I should put my money – and hopefully other people’s money! – where my mouth is.

‘The past 15 months have shown that wellbeing is crucial for children in their overall development. The lockdowns have hit badly the school association’s usual fundraising activities. It means that the support we are able to offer for items not covered in the education budget is in danger of being restricted.

‘I want to raise money so we can continue to support the school and make sure the children don’t miss out on the kinds of activities and events that help make HBN a happy place.’

He added that during the three lockdowns he found that running helped with his own sense of wellbeing so it was an appropriate way to raise cash for the school.

To find out more and to donate, please visit:

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