UK Gov Covid Briefing May 10

Boris Johnson, Prof Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance

Boris: Good afternoon everyone 

Thanks for your patience and sacrifices 

Businesses, pubs, resto’s, grandparents, religious festivals all constrained but your efforts have paid off

We’re smashing through the Vax programm


Because of your efforts we have met our four tests 

Deaths and hospitalisations are at their lowest levels since July

Data supports moving to Step 3 in England from next Monday 

Rule of 6 will now apply indoors and up to 30 outdoor

You can sit inside a pub and go the cinema

We’re opening hostels, hotels and B&Bs

Theatres etc all wide open 

Unlocking the turnstiles of sports stadiums 

Everyone can travel within Britain and stay over night 

That means school trips are back 

No masks in secondary schools and colleges and universities can return to in person teaching with twice weekly teaching

Increasing care home visitor numbers and residents will be allowed to leave their home without the need to isolate on their return

Big step on the road back to normality 

Confident we can go further 

Step 4 will be 21st June and we’ll give you a heads up later this month so you can prepare – certification and social distancing

Learning to live responsibly with Covid. Make our own decisions on how to protect families

Next Monday we going to update the guidance and give people the info they need to make their own choices

We’re not throwing caution to the wind

Think about your Hugs, – have they had a vaccine? Has it taken effect?

Outdoors always safer than indoors and if you’re indoors, open the window

Get tested regularly even if you don’t have symptoms

Whatever you decide – Please follow social distancing when not with friends and family including in work places, shops, restaurants, etc

Virus still has lethal potential 


Mental health awareness week – check in with loved ones 

The single biggest step on our roadmap 

Let’s protect these gains by exercising caution and common sense 

Prof Chris Whitty

Four tests for the stages 

1st test – vaccine continues successfully 

  • Clear this has been successful 
  • A steady roll out 2/3rd of people had their first vaccine 

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2nd test – evidence continues to show vaccine reduces hospitalisation and deaths

  • There is a 55 – 70% reduction in symptomatic disease 
  • 75% – 80% reduction in the chance of someone dying 
  • Second dose provides further protection 

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Important point, mortality is much more weighted to older people or those with health conditions 

Majority of people over 40 have had their first vaccine 

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3rd test – reduced pressure on the NHS

  • Rates in hospital are low, steady decline 
  • We do not think that there is a likelihood of a significant increase
  • Though an increase in transmission can be assumed as we open ip 

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4th test – Variants of concern

  • Confidence that vaccines work on some 
  • There is a concern about Indian variant – spreading from small amounts so need to keep a close eye on it 

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