Commissioners Chair to Stand in Rushen

The Chair of Port St Mary Commissioners has announced that she will be standing in this year’s General Election, contesting the Rushen constituency.

Dr Michelle Haywood, who was nominated for LegCo last year, has said she will not seek reelection as a commissioner in order to stand for the Keys.

Announcing her intention to stand, Dr Haywood said: ‘During my time at Port St Mary, I have been instrumental in introducing zero budgeting and improved financial controls. During my tenure as Chair, the Board has continued to improve our local authority housing, changed grass cutting to benefit wildflowers, fought to save Port St Mary Post Office and is working to support Port St Mary Bowling Club.  

‘I have worked to modernise recruitment, appraisal and working practises within the Town Hall, and have helped develop clear policy guidelines so that staff and public know what to expect.’

At least one of Rushen’s seats will be represented by a new MHK this year, after Enterprise Minister Laurence Skelly announced he will not seek reelection, but will seek to replace Steve Rodan as President of Tynwald. However, one of Mr Skelly’s expected rivals for the Presidency will be his constituency colleague Speaker Juan Watterson meaning Rushen could have two new faces representing it come September 24.

In her statement, Dr Haywood added: ‘I believe that the role of government should be to work towards a society that is fair and supports those in need. Government should take clear responsibility for its decisions and have the humility to admit mistakes and work to resolve problems. My vision for the future is one that is sustainable, equitable and progressive, making the Isle of Man an excellent place to live, work and enjoy. As a successful small business owner, with a scientific research and teaching background and a proven track record in local politics, I believe I have the passion and the ability to serve the people of Rushen at national level and to make a positive contribution to the national strategy for the Isle of Man.’

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