Dr Glover to Join Emergency Advisory Group

Dr Rachel Glover has been appointed to the gov’s new Emergency Advisory Group.

Tynwald agreed to the creation of the EAG in order to ‘provide external advice, insight and perspective to the Council of Ministers and ultimately Tynwald in an informed, professional, balanced and timely manner in responding to ‘emergency’ situations (i.e. the Covid-19 pandemic)’.

Minister David Ashford told the Public Accounts Committee this week that the genomics scientist would be part of the group which is being created to provide independent advice to the Council of Ministers.

Answering questions about the DHSC’s relationship with Dr Glover, Mr Ashford said: ‘She is an exceptionally talented, exceptionally clever scientist and despite that we might have had an issue when she was doing the work for department, all the issues we might have had contractually, my point of view is that, if there is expertise, if we can use it, then we should try and use it. And so from that point of view, I mean Dr Glover has now been appointed to the Emergency Advisory Group and I welcome her appointment on that group, I think she has a lot to offer it.’

The Minister did not confirm who else is on the group, although Gef understands that the full membership will be detailed on a supplementary order paper which will go before Tynwald next week. Other experts expected to be on the list include people from the charitable, logistics and legal sectors.

The terms of reference for the AEG, which can be found here, adds: ‘Council of Ministers will normally consider the recommendations and evidence that the group provides before adopting new policies and interventions during an emergency in a timely manner. However, the responsibility for new policies and interventions rests with the Council of Ministers, who hold executive responsibility, cognisant of the provision of such informed advice as might be considered appropriate.’

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