Residential Home’s Board Criticises Ministers’ ‘Inaccuracies’

Directors of the Corrin Home Limited, which runs the Corrin Memorial Home in Peel, have criticised inaccuracies in a statement issued by ministers Geoffrey Boot and Ray Harmer.

Environment Minister Mr Boot and Policy and Reform Minister Mr Harmer issued this joint statement after the announcement that the home is to close in July.

The Board of Directors’ statement in full says: ‘The Chair of the Board of Corrin Home Limited informed both members for the constituency of Peel and Glenfaba on April 22  last of the decision by the whole Board that the Home would be closing by July 31 next. This information was given as a courtesy, prior to advising the staff and residents of the decision. You go onto state that ‘the only engagement that we have not had is with the Trustees’ yet you have both had ample opportunities to contact any member of the Board before publishing your message to us on social media for the general public to view.  

‘As a result of your actions, which are extremely disappointing, you prevented us from having the ability to respond in a timely manner. Nevertheless, there are a number of inaccuracies contained in your message which we have corrected below. In accordance with the Acts and Regulations, the Board of Corrin Home Limited held a meeting with the Registrations & Inspections Unit of the DHSC prior to finalising our decision, and were re-assured that we would be taking the correct course of action.

‘The Chief Minister, the Treasury Minister and the Minister for the relevant Department, Mr David Ashford, are reported to have all said that the Government cannot support the Home in its ongoing activities. At this stage we should also point out that the Board have previously held various meetings over the last years with members of the Department, Senior Executives, GPs and Social Workers. You will therefore understand that this is not a recent development, but a trend that has gone on for a number of years, which has made it difficult for the Home to operate and maintain the standards required. You state in your email to the Trustees that ‘we would like to assist and facilitate in any way we can and have engaged with a number of parties’. In order to clarify the position – on the 20th April last, the Board met with our Regulators – Registrations & Inspections Unit, and explained that it was our intention to give notice of our intention to terminate the licence. Subsequently on 22nd April, our Chair informed the Chief Executive of Manx Care – Katherine Magson; the Trade Unions and both Members for Peel and Glenfaba, that it was the intention of the Board to close on 31st July next (not 1st July as stated within your message), in accordance with the Regulations.

‘Resulting from the above, the Board engaged with DHSC/Manx Care to discuss how we, as Care Providers, intended to provide continuity of care to our residents, and arrange to liaise with their families in respect of referrals to the Social Care Team, which has been done. 

‘From the point of view of the Trustees, you must appreciate that the Trusts are covered by the Charities Regulations 1989, now the Charities Act 2020. These accounts are all filed annually and are a matter of public record as you will know. A review of the files will show that these Trusts have been in existence since 1945.  

‘The Trustees are bound by the requirements of the Wills of the Corrin family and have always sought to follow those principles over the years, even as evidenced by a public meeting in the Corrin Hall (which was gifted by the late TC Corrin) in the early 1950, when a decision was advised that the Trustees would proceed with the establishment of a Residential Home. The various Trusts created by the Wills of the Corrin Family were to serve different aspects to benefit the people of Patrick and Peel.

‘Following representations from the then Chief Executive of the Department of Health & Social Care – Dr Malcolm Couch, steps were taken to arrange for the activities of the Governors of the Home to be transferred to Corrin Home Limited. Consequently, the Directors of the company are now bound by company law. Through this structure the Trustees retain the ultimate ownership. At this point in time, no decision has been made as to the future use of the premises and land. Due to the position of the GP Surgery, conversations will have to take place with the Department, as the Surgery is effectively “land-locked” and subject to a lease.

‘We are all agreed that there has to be a debate on the provision of care generally on the island, where third party suppliers are recompensed at a reasonable rate through the support of the Government.’

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