Steam Packet Report

The report into protocols for Steam Packet crew members during the pandemic will be released on Friday, the Chief Minister has confirmed.

A report into the rules surrounding crews and whether or not they should be isolating was ordered by Howard Quayle after a row erupted between gov and the company after a covid briefing in February. The gov said that all Manx based crews had been in isolation since the pandemic began but the Steam Packet said this was not and had never been the case.

Rugby Sevens

Following last week’s announcement of the Manx 7s Festival of Sport, Douglas Rugby Club have an agreement in place to bring the Super Sevens Series UK to the Island in the summer of 2022.

Super Sevens Series UK will host a series of four tournaments in 2022 with the final round here on the Isle of Man, hosted at Douglas Rugby Club’s Port-e-Chee grounds.

Carl Murray, Douglas Director of Rugby said: ‘This is an exciting opportunity for Manx rugby, Douglas RUFC and the whole of the Island. We are working closely with the Visit Isle of Man team to bring the teams and spectators over for the festival in 2022. This year’s Manx 7s Festival of Sport is a test run for us, June’s event will be scaled up for 2022.’

The Super Sevens Series UK is made up of 14 core men’s and 6 core women’s teams with 2 guest teams at each tournament. Men’s teams in the past have included; British Army, Samurai (Douglas Shirt Suppliers), Jamaica Crocs, IQ Ireland, Akuma Hurricanes and women’s teams included: Wasps, British Army, Rambling Jesters and Scimitar Storm. The names of the teams are often hiding the true nature of these teams, many fielding full internationals and invitational professional players.

Carl added: ‘Many of these teams are the development teams for the World Rugby Sevens Series. While I was playing in the World Sevens Series I also represented Samurai alongside the likes of Dan Norton (all-time try scorer in rugby sevens history) in the Super Sevens Series UK.’

In addition to the Super Sevens there will also be tournaments for Manx club teams held over the same weekend, giving the players an opportunity to showcase Manx rugby.

The Richmond

Somethings never end and tinkering with Richmond Hill is one of those habits the gov just can’t kick. Back once again, the DoI is this week starting a project designed to ‘improve drainage and reduce the risk of standing water and ice’. Kicking off on Thursday, the work has an ‘anticipated’ completion date of July 24. Traffic lights will be used to enable the work starting this week to take place over short sections. The lights will be in place 24 hours a day and the speed limit in the area will be reduced to 30mph. A diversion route is available on the St Mark’s road.

A DoI spokesman confirmed the latest scheme is set to cost £180,000. 

Unleash the Ravens

Following the FA’s Step 4-6 Restructure, FC Isle of Man have been laterally moved to The North West Counties Football League Division One 𝗡𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗵 from the start of this season.

The club said: ‘We can’t wait to get started!’

Boris Nurse Quits

A nurse who treated Boris Johnson when he was hospitalised by Covid has quit saying she has grown disillusioned by the ‘lack of respect’ shown by the UK gov for healthcare workers. She said: ‘We’re not getting the respect and now pay that we deserve. I’m just sick of it. So I’ve handed in my resignation,’

Kiyan Prince

Former QPR youth player Kiyan Prince has been added to Fifa 21 to mark the 15th anniversary of his death. He was stabbed to death at 15 while trying to break up a fight at school. Prince will also be listed as a QPR squad member during the 2021-22 season and his likeness will feature on a special edition trading card. On seeing his son as a 30-year-old, Dr Mark Prince OBE told BBC Breakfast: ‘It was very emotional. I could see Kiyan in there. I’m really proud.’

Roy’s Final Job?

Former England manager Roy Hodgson (73) has confirmed he will leave Crystal Palace at the end of the season, saying ‘the time is right to step away from the rigours of top-flight Premier League football’.

Having managed extensively abroad, Hodgson is best known in England for being the architect behind Fulham’s great escape and run to the Europa League Final before a disastrous spell as Liverpool boss. He later returned with West Brom before replacing Sam Allardyce as England manager.

Asked whether he was retiring, Hodgson said: ‘One never knows. It is a dangerous thing to do when you still feel good about yourself to start making bold statements about retirement.

‘I am certainly not leaving Crystal Palace with the idea of putting myself back on the market for another job. I really am stepping away from football for a while, but who knows what the future will be? It is a never-say-never moment. I’ve seen so many people retire with all the fanfare blazing, only to surface again somewhere in a fairly short period of time. I’d prefer not to do that. I am looking forward to spending a little bit more time with my wife and son and maybe listening to what they want to do for once, because it hasn’t happened very much in the last 50 years.’

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