Education, Sport and Culture Minister Dr Alex Allinson has confirmed that he will be seeking re-election in September.

First elected in 2016, Dr Allinson was chairman of the MUA before being appointed Education Minister last year.

Announcing his intention to seek the support of the residents of Ramsey, Dr Allinson said: ‘I set out to change things for the better; both for our town and the island. I have been successful in bringing through legislation to update our abortion laws and protect more people from sexual offences and domestic abuse. I have worked with the DOI to respond to your concerns about our roads and speed up repairs and much needed harbour improvements and flood defences.

‘I am very  proud of the way the people of Ramsey have clubbed together over the last year to support each other and local businesses during a challenging time for our island and the whole world. That sense of support and solidarity will ensure we can regenerate our town and that our families and neighbours continue to be cared for.’

While he first needs the support of his constituents, the Doctor has made no secret of his ambition to be Chief Minister. 

Describing the speed of change as ‘frustratingly slow’, Dr Allinson added: ‘There is still so much to do regarding affordable housing, rate reform, investment in our schools, local healthcare services and social care. We have seen buildings, listed as historic, block development which would bring jobs to our town, and others left to fall apart. The current area plan for the North gives us a chance to deal with vacant plots whilst preserving the countryside. But the planning process needs urgent reform.

‘Whilst we tackle climate change we have to support people to improve their own homes, eliminate fuel poverty and invest in a new economic model to increase wages, reform employment laws and address some of the inequalities in our community laid bare by the stress of the pandemic. Our laws on drugs continue to criminalise young people and deny others medicinal products which would help their conditions.’

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