We Need to Know What Support We’ll Have

Directors of the Corrins Memorial Home have said they are grateful that the gov has indicated that it is committed to keeping the Corrin Home open for a further six months but they need more details about how this will be achieved or the home will still close in July.

Tynwald members backed a motion to keep the privately run home open for six months but what that means in practice remains to be seen.

In a statement the board said: ‘After Tuesday’s Tynwald debate, a meeting was called on Wednesday evening (19th May) with the two MHKs for Peel & Glenfaba, the MLC for Peel [Kate Lord-Brennan], the Treasury Minister and Minister for Health and Social Care, was called for. Unfortunately, only one MHK, Ray Harmer, attended. At the meeting, no detail was forthcoming regarding the extent of any support which will be made available by Government, how such support will be implemented or any conditions which may be attached. The Board continues to engage with Government and awaits Government’s detailed proposal.

‘Despite recent publicity, the issue of the viability of the Home is not new. The previous Board of Governors held a series of meetings with the Chief Executive of the Department of Health and Social Care as long ago as 2018, together with two Members of the Department (including the then-Head of Adult Care Services). Whilst assurances of support were made at that time, sadly none materialised. Set against that background, the Board must consider Tuesday’s motion in Tynwald with a degree of caution.’

The directors said that while Tynwald has supported keeping the home open, no concrete details have come forward to explain how this will be achieved.

They added: ‘The Home is subject to regulatory requirements, and is required to hold a licence to operate. As matters stand, the licence expires on 31st July 2021. Furthermore, under company law, the Company (i.e. Corrin Home Limited) will not have sufficient funding to be able to continue trading beyond 31 July 2021.

‘Absent a clear and firm commitment from Government regarding the support
that will be made available, and how it will be implemented, we are unfortunately having to continue with the plans to close the Corrin Home to residents on 31st July 2021.

‘The Board of Directors would like to reinforce our willingness to engage with Government regarding the short term future of the Home. This is a very worrying time for our residents and staff alike, and the Board of Directors is committed to working with the Government to endeavour to find a long term solution to the provision of care, including residential care, to the residents of Peel and the island.’

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