What’s Going Down At 11 Castle Street?

If you’ve been past Castle Street recently, you’ll probably have seen some very sexy vinyls, with BIG Mr. Blobby/rhubarb and custard vibes. 11 Castle Street is soon to be home to Henderson and Glass, a new coffee and cocktail concept, and Loft 11, an invisible service apartment.

Zoe Guilford and Gemma Wasley (aka the brains behind Rehab2) initially had an idea for a beautiful, New York-style, invisible service loft after visiting 404 in Nashville during an American road trip in 2016. For the ignorant among us, invisible service basically means you see none of the service staff: perfect if your social skills have decreased over lockdown. Zoe and Gemma loved the invisible service: entering the loft with a unique pin code, having breakfast that would simply appear in the morning- without having to see anyone else. In fact, they loved it so much that they wanted to bring the concept to the island.

With the loft set on the top floors of the Castle street building, Zoe and Gemma just needed a business to fill the ground floor: something that would complement the loft. After some interest, they finally got the perfect proposal: a coffee and cocktail bar, brought to you by the Harbour Lights Group.

Gemma Wasley and Zoe Guilford, image credit: Isle of Man Government

Instead of being a separate business, the bar will work in conjunction with the loft. Both the loft and the cafe bar will embrace the heritage of the building. In fact, ‘Henderson and Glass’ got its name from a beam found in the building. Henderson and Glass was a steel and glass merchant in 1800s Liverpool. Instead of steel and glass, the latest iteration of Henderson and Glass aims to provide the most vital of products to the island: coffee and cocktails. 

The building was stripped back to its bare bones. While the loft has a distinct New York vibe (think a modernised, slicker version of the Humphrey’s loft in Gossip Girl), downstairs is inspired by the decayed elegance that is distinctive in New Orleans. Zoe borrows the term “derelique” from Zoolander to describe the style of the bar, which emphasises the deconstructed look of the bar that is softened with luxurious textures land soft furnishings 

Gemma and Zoe are obviously, aesthetically minded. However, it isn’t just the decor that has had a lot of consideration popped into it. There have been consultations to determine which coffee beans are the best for the shop. Taste, of course, was a determining factor: a panel of tasters had a cupping session to choose the best coffee. And of course, good doesn’t just describe the taste: Henderson and Glass is all about ethical and sustainable sourcing, in all areas of the business. Even the bar is made from church and bank doors that Gemma has collected over the years.

At night, Henderson and Glass transforms into a laid back cocktail bar. The coffee won’t go away completely: the cafe bar will have a unique coffee cocktail menu. It’s not just the basic (but iconic) Espresso Martini- it’s a whole menu of cocktails made specifically for coffee aficionados. If the thought of having caffeine before bed gives you palpitations, you could opt for the decaf option. 

Henderson and Glass and Loft 11 work in perfect harmony. If you’re staying at Loft 11, you can make it your own little world. Grab a coffee, then a cocktail, sleep, repeat. It is a space designed to live out your fantasies. Host a party. Play the electric guitar. People watch. Become a sophisticated townie type. Play music REALLY loudly, because you can’t at home and the apartment is soundproof. It’s like pretending you live in a really beautiful home. 

If you’re interested in booking Henderson and Glass or Loft 11, head to hendersonandglass.com to get in the know. If you’ve got a love for coffee and want to be part of the Henderson and Glass family, check out their current openings at hendersonandglass.com

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