Gef Jobs Has Landed

How did you feel when you returned to work after the weekend?

If you felt anything other than BUZZING to be back, surrounded by colleagues, ready to dive back into work, it’s maybe time to consider a job change.

After spending much of this past year in lockdown, we’ve all had a little (or lot…) of time to think and assess our lives. Many of us have faced working from home, long hours- or even unemployment. Stepping into a new job, or even a new career can be daunting: but your friendly local mongoose is here to hold your hand as you enter the world of job satisfaction. We’re launching our sister site, Gef jobs, to help excellent companies find excellent candidates. Think of this as the old school job board, brought to the 21st century.

On, you’ll find a site that is super easy to navigate: taking all the hard work out of the job search. Our Facebook and LinkedIn will update you with all of the hottest jobs- so you can sit and scroll, whether you’re lying in bed, or having a sneaky peek while you’re at the office (just don’t let your boss see!).

While you might expect Gef jobs to only cover jobs for hummus eating hipsters, we actually cover a huge range of careers. Whether you’re looking to be the wolf of Athol Street, or do some serious science in a laboratory, the jobs demonstrate the diversity of the Manx marketplace. There’s jobs at every level of the job ladder- so it doesn’t matter if you’re starting out or you’re the hottest thing in Douglas town: there is a job for you. 

If you’re looking to hire, Gef Jobs is the simplest solution. Just select one of the packages, fill out your details and voila! Sorted. Submissions are open 24/7- so you can post a job whenever you’re free to, and watch the C.Vs fly in. 

Not to brag, but at Gef, we have a LOT of job satisfaction (most of the time). We’re wanting everyone to share our sunshiney outlook, and see Douglas town centre full of professionals, skipping to work because they just LOVE their jobs. Don’t think it’s possible to be that happy? Have a little search of our website,– you might just be surprised.

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