Charity Seeking Corporate Partners to Support Growth

Mental health charity Quing is looking for corporate partners to help it increase its capacity and capability to help people.

Set up in 2017, Quing is a community based organisation which seeks to implement a bottom up approach to aiding people in their recovery from trauma, measuring its impact not simply by the lessening of symptoms, but in active citizenship.

Now based in the former St Thomas’ primary school building, Quing has grown substantially in a short period of time to become an accredited education centre with Laser Learning Awards, delivering accredited qualifications to community members, developed a counselling service for members and those isolated in the community and hosted two international conferences at the Villa Marina.

But as with any success story, it needs further support to continue to grow its work, which includes some exciting plans for the former school building, not only for the use of Quing members, but for the wider community. 

Chairman of Quing, Douglas North MHK Ralph Peake, told Gef: ‘The reason we’re actively looking for a commercial partner is because we’ve been really successful in raising money for projects over the last few years and what we’re looking for is for a partner to bring some core funding in. It doesn’t necessarily mean big money, it wants to be a regular partnership that moves forward and then we can still go out and raise money for bigger projects.

‘What we really want is a partnership with people who share our principles and are interested in helping people grow, develop, build their confidence and re-engage with society and the community, taking people from being in a difficult spot and through education and support, they can contribute to society. It’s through finding a financial partner that believes that as well and wants to contribute on a yearly basis that will allow us to then focus on raising money for projects and other plans.’

St Thomas’ Partnership

Quing said it envisages the partnership being a ‘DIY SOS’ style project, with the total refurbishment costs estimated at around £65,000. As well as seeking direct donations, the charity is also seeking payment in kind for materials, technology, equipment or access to other, professional resources. As the island shifts from what has been a medical crisis to what some see will be a financial and mental health crisis, charities like Quing like become more vital to many people’s lives.

Other Projects

Some of the projects Quing wants to work on include developing St Thomas’ to provide a wider community space including a community café using a ‘pay as you feel’ model of payment and offer laundry and shower facilities. 

Through the development of the therapeutic community and education centre, as well as its other projects, Quing would then be in a unique position to offer work placement schemes to individuals who have fallen out of the system. The charity is currently working with the Department of Social Security to develop a scheme that enables individuals who progress through Quing to: find a work placement with us, develop their CVs and learn transferable skills for the highly competitive employment marketplace on the island.


As ever, Quing is seeking any donations that people can afford and this extends to its corporate partnership, but it does point out that for £30,000, a partner could sponsor a psychotherapist for a year, £10,000 would sponsor a room at St Thomas’ being developed and £4,500 would sponsor a 4 day course, delivered by accredited learning professionals, for up to 20 people.

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