Lib Vannin Chairman to Stand in Election

Liberal Vannin party chairman Paul Weatherall has announced he will contest the Ayre and Michael constituency in this year’s General Election.

Mr Weatherall replaced Michael Josem as chairman of the party earlier this year.

In his statement to announce his candidacy, Mr Weatherall said: ‘I believe that I can make a difference to the way our island is governed and above all, help all of us who are fortunate enough to live in Ayre & Michael, keep this part of the island a green and pleasant land.

‘I have lived on the Island since 1997 and here, in Ballaugh, since 2011. Following the last year, we all know that we can take nothing for granted in the way we live our lives. Our future will be shaped by how we respond to climate change and the next few years will see our government preparing for that, whilst helping us all recover from the economic consequences of covid.

‘I am proud to be part of the Liberal Vannin list of candidates. Together, we have agreed a common platform covering Jobs,Fairness, Open Government and Freedom and we are developing our Liberal Vannin manifesto commitments for release later this summer.’

The seats are currently held by Treasury Minister Alf Cannan and Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker. The former is yet to declare his candidacy, but Mr Baker has confirmed he will seek re-election in September.

This year’s General Election is on September 23, if you’re planning to vote, make sure you’re registered, and if you’re planning to stand, make sure to left Gef know at

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