TT Spends

A FoI request from Gef has revealed where over £2m of public money was spent on the cancelled TT. The figure was first alluded to in Keys over a month ago, when it was believed to be more like £1m. In response to our FoI, the Department for Enterprise said: ‘The actual spend for the 2020/2021 period was £2,900,178, which was under the

Covid adjusted budget of £3,198,600. This figure was reduced to £2,664,353 when

offset against net income.’

The breakdown of the spend is as follows:

Payroll: £672,024

Infrastructure expenses: £272,511

Transport expenditure: £0

Supplies and Services: £1,625,754

Loans, Charges, Grants etc: £329,889

The DfE added: ‘The decision to cancel the 2020 TT was made on the 16th March 2020, 76 days before the event was due to take place and the organisation and event delivery logistics were largely completed and contracts were in place.

‘As soon as the decision to cancel the event was taken in March 2020, major

contractual discussions occurred resulting in a saving of £5,757,746 from what would otherwise have been the case. The remaining spend that occurred was therefore primarily contractual and the Department reviewed each item on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the spend was necessary – either contractually or in some cases, without which supporting infrastructure would fail, risking future events. As to staff costs, during this period some of the staff were redirected to other tasks such as responding to the pandemic and others have been working full time on a range of strategic and operational reviews to improve the events for future years.

‘The budget and payments includes costs and commitments for the TT, Classic TT,

Manx Grand Prix and Southern 100. The ‘National’ and ‘International’ Rally had not

incurred contractual costs at that stage. In 2019 the TT Races and Classic TT Races/ Manx Grand Prix resulted in a combined total of 62,193 visitors with a total spend of £48.9m which represented an economic benefit of £35.4m contributing £6.3m exchequer benefit (EAD Survey 2019).’

Corrins Home

An MLC is calling for clarity over the future of the Corrin’s Home in Peel, two weeks after Tynwald voted to secure it for the next six months. Kate Lord-Brennan MLC said: ‘I am growing concerned now about the lack of clarity of approach two weeks on from the Tynwald sitting where the Tynwald resolution regarding Corrin Home and residential care in the West was fully supported.

‘It is still an urgent matter. Some assurance and a clear plan is needed. Residents and their families understandably need surety. As time goes on, lack of clarity will cause uncertainty among stakeholders at the home and in the community.

‘This uncertainty needs to be allayed. There was a groundswell of support and good will for the Corrin Home in the communities that the home serves and Tynwald got behind the issue and the need to be compassionate and forward looking 100%. This now needs to be matched quickly by government action and collaboration with and by the Corrin Home and charities to best steer a new course for the residents and staff whilst maintaining continuity of care at the home.’

£20k Golf Day

Isle of Man Hospice is to benefit from a charity golf day hosted by Suntera Global at Castletown Golf Links. The event saw 22 teams brave the elements to compete for prizes such as the longest drive, straightest drive and nearest the pin. The overall winners were Peter Thomas, Martin Derbyshire, Paul Reid and Chris Westerman, narrowly pipping the team of Jane Holt, Bronwen Raatgever, Julie Amphlett and Lynda Simpson, who did manage to claim the coveted title of best outfits with their Pink Ladies theme.

The event also raised significant funds through the raffle, which saw prizes such as a session on a golf simulator and a helicopter ride kindly donated by Yellow Helicopters auctioned off, with £9,000 raised by three “wallababy” statues from the Hospice’s Wallabies Gone Wild trail.

Mark Reynolds, Suntera Global’s Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of their Isle of Man office, said: ‘We are delighted to be able to host our annual golf day this year and raise valuable funds for a well-deserving charity in Hospice Isle of Man.

‘Supporting environmental, social and governance (ESG) is at the heart of the Suntera Global culture and this event represents an important date in not only our ESG calendar, but now also the social calendar of our support network. After the challenges posed both by lockdowns experienced across the twelve months, it is vital to come together with our colleagues, partners and the community to work towards a great cause.’

Image of winning team (L-R): Martin Derbyshire, Paul Reid, Chris Westerman, Mark Reynolds – Chief Operating Officer at Suntera Global, and Peter Thomas

Covid Deaths

The UK has not reported one single Covid death in the last 24 hours, the first time a day has passed without one since March 2020. To be recorded as a Covid death, the person must have died within 28 days of a positive test. However some dispute whether this is giving an accurate figure of the number of deaths in the UK. 

Krafty Bit of Business

American food giant Kraft has unveiled plans to make Heinz Tomato Ketchup in the UK, over 20 years since production was moved overseas. Kraft says it will invest £140m in the UK in what would be the firm’s biggest expansion of a manufacturing site outside the US in more than 20 years and should create around 50 jobs. 

‘The Kraft Heinz investment is a vote of confidence in the UK economy from a major US firm and a boost that will mean jobs and growth for the local economy,’ UK Minister for Investment Gerry Grimstone MP said in a statement.

No Amigo

Payday loan firm Amigo has said it will likely collapse without a new plan to cap payouts for mis-sold loans. A proposal to set aside a separate pot of money for compensation was thrown out by the High Court a week ago. Now Amigo has said it will not appeal against that decision and was, instead, investigating all options, including insolvency. For now, all compensation payments remain on hold.

Mob Boss Paroled

One of Sicily’s most infamous crime bosses Giovanni Brusca, whose crimes include having a child’s body dissolved in acid, has been released from prison. The ‘people slayer’ has been released after turning informant and helping police to arrest underground crime figures. He has served 25 years in prison and will now serve four years on parole. Families of his victims have released a statement saying they are ‘outraged’. 

Put That Light Out

Oxfordshire looks like it could become the first place in the UK to ban outdoor smoking as part of plans for the region to be completely smoke-free by 2025.

According to the Oxford Mail, a plan agreed by public health officials last year is finally ‘underway’. The county’s strategy includes creating more environments where people feel ’empowered’ not to smoke. Officials would also aim to encourage employers to stop people smoking outside offices and factories, and to create new smoke-free areas in pavement dining spaces.

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