Alyssa is Headteacher for a Day

When the children of Laxey Primary School go to school on Thursday morning, they will have a new headteacher greeting them at the gate as Alyssa Rees takes charge. 

Alyssa, who is in Year 4, won a raffle to determine who would be headteacher for a day at the annual Mhelliah evening and she has some big plans for the school.

On Thursday there will be no English lessons, no history, no PE and no maths. Instead Alyssa has arranged for the whole school to go to the Wildlife Park, followed by a school disco.

Executive Headteacher Max Kelly said: ‘Alyssa will do a great job as headteacher for the day. She has thought really carefully about the experiences she wants the pupils to have and has planned a trip which promises to be both fun and educational. I have every confidence that the school will be in good hands for the day, in fact I am slightly worried that the pupils and parents may not want me back after they have had a taste of Alyssa’s leadership!’

Head of Laxey School, Craig Astin said the other children were ‘excited to hear Alyssa’s plans for the day’. He added: ‘It is going to be a fantastic day, and Alyssa is going to make a brilliant Headteacher. Let’s hope the staff are still awake for the school disco. Alyssa may need to do the coffee run at the Wildlife Park to keep us all going!’

Alyssa also took time out of her busy schedule to tell Gef: ‘I have decided on going to the Wildlife Park because it is really good fun! I am really excited about the school disco, as everyone likes to dance. Hopefully everyone has a really good day and the teachers aren’t too tired!’

Keep an eye on Gef’s pages for updates of Alyssa’s day as Headteacher. 

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