Garff Commissioner to Contest General Election

Garff Commissioner Jamie Smith has announced his intention to stand in this year’s General Election. Unsurprisingly he will contest the Garff constituency.

Mr Smith, a former Garff Commissioners chairman and current commissioner, said ‘the time is right for me to step up to being a full time representative of the residents of Garff’.

He added: ‘Since I became a Garff Commissioner I have learned a huge amount about how the wheels of government turn and have worked closely with various MHKs, ministers and senior government employees. We have some big local issues to challenge us, including a sewerage solution for Laxey Bay, flood protection works across the constituency, and preserving the unique communities in Onchan, Lonan and Maughold.

‘At the national level we are undoubtedly facing some very serious challenges to our independence, particularly with regard to fiscal strategy. I would very much like to get involved in, and provide some scrutiny of, these decisions affecting our futures and the quality of life we enjoy on our island. I have some constructive ideas for achievable and beneficial changes to government and encourage anyone interested in these ideas to follow my blog at or twitter @jamie4garff.’

Mr Smith joins sitting MHK Daphne Caine and Manx Labour Party’s Gareth Young in declaring they will contest the election.

The General Election is on September 23, if you’re intending to stand, don’t forget to let Get know by emailing And if you intend to vote, make sure you’re registered.

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