Record Store Day(s) 2021

In a world where you can get a subscription to access pretty much all the music ever made for a relatively low price, to some, the vinyl resurgence may feel a little, well, nonsensical. But at Sound Records, you will find that vinyl and record stores have a vibrant culture that is quite literally underground in the basement of 9-11 Duke Street.

Celebrating the culture of records and independent record store day is the annual Record Store Day celebration. Split over two days this year (12th June and 17th July), the days have been described as ‘the TT of record shops’, by Ed Oldham, who works in Sound Records. To celebrate, Record Store Day release exclusive “drops”, which contain a huge array of records across genres and eras. There is quite literally something for everyone.

Sound Records have received 18 boxes of pure musical delights. If you’re a fan of the best folk rock supergroup that’s named after a Manx village, the alternate take album of Crosby, Still, Nash and Young’s 1970 classic Deja Vu will definitely be on your list of must-bys. If you’re a little bit more of a pop princess, Ariana Grande’s live version of swt (k bye for now) or Lady Gaga’s Chromatica might be the vibe. If you’re team Noel, you can celebrate 10 years of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds with their greatest hits albums, ‘Back the Way We Came (2011-2021). And if you’re just wanting a good time, the Rolling Stones will have two records dropping: A Bigger Bang on 12th June, and Hot Rocks (50th Anniversary Edition) 

Anything taken your fancy? You better get down to Sound Records early, as it’s first come, first serve. I recommend getting up bright and early, grabbing a hearty breakfast and heading down before doors open: there will be queues. It’s a bit like the Next boxing day sale- except a lot, lot cooler. 

If you’re still not sure why there is so much fuss about vinyl, Record Store Day is the best time to dip your toe into the water. You’ll be able to see first-hand the passion and enthusiasm both the staff and shoppers for Records. The joy of vinyl is, in part, the joy of the hunt: feeling the physical records between your fingers, looking through the gorgeous cover art, finding something that you can truly fall in love with. The shop is more than just a shop: it’s a community space for music lovers to share their shared interest.

Of course, there is far more to the record than the initial purchase. There is something incredible about the first listen to an album, full-way through. There is a lot of warmth in hearing a familiar album played on your record player. The record player’s lack of portability adds to the experience: the warm sound means you gravitate towards the music, and enjoy the sound just a little bit more.

If you’re a vinyl junkie or are interested in becoming one – Record Store Day can’t be missed. The shop opens at 9am, on 12th June and 17th July. You can keep up to date with Sound Records by following them on social media, or visiting their website

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