The Island’s Very Own Master Fishmonger

Jay Gore, Head Fishmonger at The Fish Market and Robinson’s, has received his Master Fishmonger Standard. This is a huge accolade: with only 19 Master Fishmongers across Britain. 

The award not only recognises all the technical stuff that we see a fishmonger do, but also their wide and varied knowledge of the industry, fish, the environment and running a fishmonger. While there were exams that assessed Jay’s knowledge and technical skills, the standard can only be awarded to those with more than 10 years experience, and reflects upon the fishmonger’s hard work undertaken over the span of their careers. 

The prestigious award is incredibly well deserved. As head of the fish market, he has overseen the development of the originally humble fish counter into an impressive brand. Jay is responsible for sourcing fish, balancing stock- assuring that there is enough fish to meet demand, but there is no waste.

Not only a fountain of fishy knowledge, Jay is also incredibly personable. While going to a fish counter can feel quite daunting, Jay and his team are there to do all the hard and scary parts. They’re there to fillet the fish, getting rid of all the bones- so you can cook the fish with ease. They don’t hide their expertise – instead using it to inform their customers. With so many customers now conscious of their carbon footprint and the sustainability of the produce they consume, Jay’s knowledge and passion has been key to the success of The Fish Market. Jay is extremely conscientious, assuring that the seafood is sourced as locally and as sustainably as possible. 

Jay Gore

If you aren’t a fish expert, but are looking to expand your fish palette beyond fish fingers (though, no shame in having a cheeky fish finger sandwich), Jay and his team are the perfect people to consult. There is no such thing as a silly question: the can tell you all about what’s in season and give you some cooking tips. They can set you up for kitchen success: whether you’re wanting a classic salmon fillet or are going all out with a lobster thermidor. 

As a Master Fishmonger, he is also a savvy businessman. He has built the Fish Market from a humble fish counter to a thriving business in itself. The Fish Market is known for their smokehouse, which produces award-winning smoked salmon. Whack it on a locally sourced bagels with a thick layer of cream cheese, and you’ve got yourself a winning breakfast. The business has undoubtedly grown thanks to a commitment to quality, and the skills of fishmongers like Jay. 

Not only is Jay celebrating success, colleague Jordan Keig is also proving to be an exceptional fishmonger. Having won the Young Fishmonger of the Year award at the Master Fishmonger standard in 2019, he has been awarded the Recognised Fishmonger award. Both Jordan and Jay demonstrate the talent both on-island, and more specifically, at Robinson’s.

The future looks bright for the Fish Market. Jay and Jordan will attend the annual Master Fish Standard ceremony- which Jay describes as the “oscars of fishmongering”. Jay wants to continue to grow, learn and develop within the industry, continue to educate the Manx public and, of course, keep providing incredible fish to the Manx public. As the only Manx person and the youngest committee member on the National Federation of Fishmongers, Jay is flying the flag for the Isle of Man, representing the incredible fishmongers we have on island. 

Of course, it’s not just Jay and Jordan you can thank for the incredible seafood available. Angelo, the smokehouse manager, is responsible for the fantastic smoked products: including the award-winning smoked salmon. Sean has many years of experience, but now specialises in seafood platters and more bespoke seafood requests. Cheffy and Chris are both former chefs, bringing their knowledge and expertise from the kitchen into the business, with Chris using his knowledge in all technical and food safety aspects. Alyson is an all-round foodie, who inspires new recipes and seafood lines. 

You can visit Jay and the team at the Fish Market at Robinson’s on Cooil Road. You can also get your fish delivered to your door- even if you’re off island! To find out more, visit

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