Five Other Uses for the Roundel

Who knew what a Roundel was before we were blessed with one on our very own Prom? While it’s supposed to do something with the traffic (this didn’t come up on the driving theory test, I truly have no idea what the purpose of the roundel is), it’s more likely to cause distraction and distress than promoting safe driving. However, with us all thinking about sustainability and making the most with what we’ve got, here are some proposals for alternative roundel uses.

Extreme dry-curling

Curling. Notoriously one of the dullest sports on the planet. A spicier version would use the egg-shape, which would make the game harder? Easier? Who knows. The real spice comes from playing in the traffic, just like your Mum warned you not to do. If you’re worried about the lack of ice, never fear: the super smooth surface of the new prom should be perfect for a dry version of extreme curling.

Sky-diving landing

Looking to practice sky-diving? Aim for the centre of the roundel. There’s a big incentive to not miss it.

Alien communication

With our clear skies, we’re in the perfect position to attract some extraterrestrial life. They better have had their vaccines before they land though.


Little bit of an investment, but we all know the DOI likes splashing a little bit of cash (it’s good for the economy! Probably!). We could get the island to spin, and hypnotize the population. Think of the value it could bring to gov, if they managed to hypnotize the whole island into thinking that the promenade hasn’t been closed for too long?

Tourist Attraction

With borders opening up sometime in the next ten years, we’ll need something truly special to attract tourists. Why not the ‘world’s ugliest not-quite-roundabout’? There must be a tourist market for that, surely. 

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