The Isle of Man Green Party has announced it will contest two constituencies during this year’s General Election.

Party leader Andrew Langan-Newton will contest the Rushen constituency, where it is guaranteed at least one seat will be up for grabs and Leo Cussons is seeking to take one of the Glenfaba and Peel seats.


A practicing advocate, Mr Langan-Newton has been the Leader of the party since its inception in 2016. He attended Castle Rushen High School and represented the Isle of Man at the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Parliament in Australia where he was elected Prime Minister of the Parliament. He later attended law school in England before returning to the island where he lives in Port St Mary with his wife and their children. 

He said: ‘I am grateful to be able to offer the electorate in Rushen the opportunity to place a vote on 23 September for a sustainable transformation of our society.  Since the Green Party was formed five years ago, it is now clear more than ever what an opportunity we have in 2021 to show leadership on a positive future in the Isle of Man of clean energy and transport, opportunity for all, and good governance.’

An unusual seat in that we know at least one member won’t be standing again. Enterprise Minister Laurence Skelly has announced he will seek the Tynwald Presidency in July. If he does get it, he won’t be an MHK anymore and if he doesn’t then he will retire from politics. His constituency colleague Juan Watterson SHK also wants to be President but if he is unsuccessful he is expected to seek re-election in September. The only other person so far to confirm their intention to stand is chair of Port St Mary Commissioners Dr Michelle Haywood.

Glenfaba and Peel

Mr Cussons is the election strategist on the Green Party Committee. Born in Glen Maye in 1971 and raised on the island. He worked on the farms in Glen Maye in his youth, studied business at the Isle of Man College and Law at Lancaster University.  He has established several businesses over the years, including an environmentally friendly industrial cleaning business, Website design and is currently the proprietor of Ken Quine’s hardware shop in Port Erin. He lived for ten years in the Netherlands working as an ERP computer consultant before returning  to the island in 2004. 

He said: ‘I believe that we have got to look for a new way in Isle of Man politics. Green politics is not about left or right but about a fair, just and sustainable future for all of us. Voting Green is common sense politics which in turn will create unity, harmony and success in our Community.  For far too long politicians have looked at the short term for their own careers. As part of the representation process, I have been canvassing since last September to understand why none of the major issues related to Glenfaba and Peel have been resolved.’

As well as Mr Cussons, incumbents Geoffrey Boot MHK and Ray Harmer MHK, MLC Kate Lord-Brennan and ex MHK and MLC Tim Crookall have announced they will contest the constituency come September.

The general election is on Thursday, September 23. If you’re planning to stand, don’t forget to let Gef know by emailing

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