Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker has said motorists will get used to the controversial new roundels on Douglas promenade.

Member of the public have widely mocked the new designs since they were installed with residents likening them to alien landing sites, portals and some even suggested they look like female genitalia. Others said the one at the bottom of Broadway reminded them of 1980s gameshow Bullseye.

However the DoI has moved to ‘reassure’ residents that the two roundels being installed, at Broadway and Church Road Marina, are to be used ‘in the same way as any other roundabout’. Responding to the concerns from some motorists that the designs are not safe, Mr Baker said: ‘Roundels are part of modern highway design, having been used in the UK for a number of years. I feel, once the overall area is complete, motorists will soon get used to them.’

A DoI statement added: ‘Roundels are designed not to have a traditional central island or a white domed marking due to the nature of their design. They also act as a form of traffic calming, with both roundels sited within the 20mph speed limit for Douglas Promenade.’

While the installation is new, the roundels themselves were part of the original planning application which was approved in February 2018. They were originally supposed to be made of granite, however earlier this year Mr Baker said the DoI had agreed to paint on these temporary roundels and the ones approved by planners ‘will subsequently be built over future winters’.

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