Gef’s Quick Guide to Border Regs

Yesterday the gov announced it will ask Tynwald to approved a change to the border exit framework and if we’re honest, it was a bit long, so we’ve shortened it into this quick(ish) and easy(ish) guide.

Will the Borders Open Fully on June 28?

No. Because of the rising number of cases in the UK, the gov has decided now is not the time to make this move without mitigation.

So What Will Happen?

If Tynwald agrees, then from June 28, people living on the island, in the UK, Channel Islands or Republic of Ireland who has had both doses of a Covid vaccine at least a two weeks ahead of their proposed arrival, can travel to the island without the need to isolate or be tested on arrival.

For anyone who does not meet that ‘two jabs and two weeks’ criteria, then the current regulations of day one and day six testing will remain in place.

Until now, the Republic of Ireland has not been including in the day one and day six testing regulations, but it would be included in these new regs from June 28.

How Will Vaccine Status Be Proved?

We can expect more detail on this later in the week, but the gov has said for visitors from the UK, Channel Islands and RoI, they will have to prove their vaccine status using the system their gov has in place, such as the NHS app. For Manx residents, the gov has said it will have a system in place by June 28.

What Else?

Children under the age of five will be exempt from all testing and isolation.

The measures will remove the need for precautionary isolation for close contacts of any positive cases who have been fully vaccinated two weeks prior to the contact.

There is also a provision in the Tynwald legislation, given the dissolution of the House of Keys for this year’s General Election, for the Council of Ministers to remove all existing or impose new restrictions as the situation requires up until October (when the new gov will be in place). However the gov said in its notes to members that it still intends to remove all restrictions when it is safe to do so and that this may be before October.

Finally, just to cover the possibility of someone coming in on a private jet (it’s been known to happen), if a person comes in from another country outside of those named, they will be subject to the full test and isolate regulations.

When Will We Know?

If the proposed measures are passed by Tynwald (probably on Wednesday but maybe Thursday), the Chief Minister will host a briefing later in the week (probably Thursday).

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