Meet Port St Mary RNLI’s New Coxswain

While many people spent the summer half term bathing in the sun or complaining about the lack of it, teacher and RNLI volunteer Richard Leigh, spent it passing his assessments to become a Coxswain for Post St Mary’s Trent Class Lifeboat Gough Ritchie II

Having joined the RNLI as a volunteer on both the all-weather lifeboat and inshore lifeboat on February 25 1998. Over the years he has been dedicated to continue developing his lifeboat skills, working his way up as a Navigator and then Helm on the inshore lifeboat.

A statement from the RNLI said: ‘Since joining Port St Mary RNLI Richard has subsequently taken part as crew on 90 all-weather lifeboat service calls and 30 inshore lifeboat incidents. His first shout for the all-weather lifeboat was on 13 May 1998 being only three months after joining as an RNLI volunteer.

‘One shout that is particularly memorable for Richard was 11 January 2000 to search for the ill-fated Solway Harvester when the Port St Mary RNLI crew were at sea for 10 hours in very bad weather. Another vividly recalled shout was an early morning incident for a visiting motor cruiser Tomi Joy II that was rapidly sinking some two miles from the lifeboat station with a person trapped in the cabin.’

Richard’s involvement for the RNLI continues on land as well in a fundraising capacity where he has raised several thousand pounds having competed in the End to End race and successfully finishing the gruelling Parish Walk on no less than three occasions. It is no coincidence that Richard’s father Ken just happens to be Honorary Treasurer for the Branch.

‘The crew and Branch members extend their congratulations to this popular Port St Mary resident.’

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