Duncan Livingstone has announced his intention to contest the Ayre & Michael constituency in this year’s General Election.

Born and raised in Kirk Michael, Mr Livingstone said he has lived back in the village for the last 16 years.

He said: ‘I first became politically involved when the D.O.I. were recently proposing extensive road alterations in Kirk Michael which I felt did not properly address the concerns of the village. I canvassed opinion and developed alternative, more modest proposals which improved safety for pedestrians without adversely affecting traders or the TT, whilst also offering reduced costs.

‘Since then, I have served during the last year as a Commissioner in Michael. For the last 10 years I have been a self-employed driving instructor, working and interacting with predominantly 16-20 year olds. Prior to that I was a Police Officer, including 6 years as a Neighbourhood Officer based in Ramsey and covering all of the North, and for almost 20 years as a Road Policing Officer.

‘My expertise lies in the field of roads and traffic policing and driver training so, if fortunate enough to be elected, my personal focus would be on influencing the development of a truly integrated sustainable travel strategy covering:
*Roads maintenance
*Road safety
*Public transport
*Cycling and walking
*Off-island travel

‘Of the many further issues which the new Tynwald will need to address, the most pressing in my view are:
*The economy (which travel policy can support)
*Affordable housing
*Recovery plans from the Covid pandemic
*Government Reform

‘I am not an expert in these areas, and so I want to work with constituents, other MHKs and people on the ground to find the best solutions for all Islanders. I would aim to always demonstrate transparency, honesty, and a willingness to communicate with everyone to ensure success and to work to improve standards across all Government. The other serious local concern will be in relation to the area plan for the North and West.I will publish a full manifesto in due course, and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible over the coming months to hear your views and concerns.’

Mr Livingstone joins Farmers’ Union President Tim Johnston, Liberal Vannin’s Paul Weatherall and ministers Tim Baker and Alf Cannan in contesting the constituency.

The General Election is on Thursday September 23, if you’re planning to vote, make sure you’re registered and if you’re planning to stand, make sure to let Gef know by emailing hello@gefthemongoose.com.

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