Who is Standing for Your Local Authority

With nominations closed for the twice delayed local authority elections, Gef has put together a quick cheat sheet for who is in, who is out and who will face the electorate on July 22. We like to think of it as transfer deadline day for political nerds.

Gef contacted the Clerk of each local authority to request the full list of candidates and these are the ones we have been able to confirm. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. If there is an election in your area, your polling card will inform you where to vote on July 22.


Jimmy Allison, Bob Clague, Jackie Faragher, Vicky Hind and Jason Moore have been elected unopposed.

Arbory and Rushen

Arbory Parish – John Murray Cringle, Jane Glover and Kirrie Jenkins are elected unopposed.

Rushen Parish – Peter Gunn, Stanley Pilling, Thomas David Radcliffe are also elected unopposed.


Steven Curphey and Liza Nicholson have been elected unopposed. However this leaves three vacant seats which will need to be filled before the board is quorate.


Andrew Jessopp, Neal Mellon, Andrew Morgan, John Quaye and Peter Scott are elected unopposed.


Julie Billingsley, Ann Carter, Pamela Kinrade, Jennifer Quine are elected unopposed.


Elsebeth Cannan, Jimmy Cubbon, Jamie Horton, Jeremy Ludford-Brooks, Colin Leather, David Parnell, Eleanor Quinney, Carol Quine, Nathan Rodgers and Susan Rossouw will contest the election on July 22. The polling station will be at the Town Hall on Farrant’s Way.


The Council is dropping down from 18 members to 12 from this year and the ward system has been replaced where three councillors will represent each ward which now is the same area as the constituencies for the House of Keys. 

Douglas North – Karen Angela Falk Horning, Janet Thommeny and Peter Washington will contest the election. Polling stations are at Cronk y Berry school and the Hailwood Centre, Glencrutchery Road.

Douglas East – Andrew Bentley, Ian Clague, Linda Coe, Angela Joughin and Devon Watson will contest the election. Polling stations are at Manx Youth Band Room, Derby Road and St Andrew’s Church Hall, Glencrutchery Road.

Douglas Central – Natalie Byron, Samuel Hamer, Stephen Pitts and John Skinner will contest the election. Polling stations are at St Mathew’s Church Hall, North Quay and All Saints’ Church Hall, Alexander Drive.

Douglas South – Steve Crellin, Frank Schuengel and Claire Wells are elected unopposed.


Lonan Ward – Melanie Christian, Stewart Clague, Timothy Kenyon and Andrew Moore will contest the election. Polling stations are at the Laxey Working Mens Institute and Baldrine Methodist Church, Baldrine Hill.

Laxey Ward – Aishling Creer, Peter Kinnish and Julie Pinson are elected unopposed.

Maughold Ward – Marinda Fargher, Stanley Ryzak and James Smith are elected unopposed.


Catherine Corrin, Martyn Daid, Valerie Goldie, Fiona Moore and Robin Watterson are elected unopposed.


Simon Bampton, Kelly Charman, Danielle Crowe, Darren Hope, Louise Kennedy, Sarah-Jayne Melvin, John Pickles and Lee Quaggin will contest the election. The polling station is Jurby Parish Hall, Bretney Road.


Andrew Brew, Vivien Quayle, Julian Teare and Madeleine Westall have been elected unopposed. However the authority still needs to fill one vacancy at a later date.


Barbara Brereton, Richard Lewis and George Norrey are elected unopposed. However the authority will still have two vacancies to fill at a later date.


Eliza Cox, Christian Forbes, John Lovelady, Alison Lynch, Terence Miles have been elected unopposed. 


Parul Clark, Mathew Diehl, Diane Kelly, Catriona Livingstone, Caroline Lilywhite, Avril Muller and Barry Murphy are elected unopposed.


Anthony Allen, Nigel Dobson, Derek Crellin, Zara Lewin, Fenella Logan, David Quirk, Robin Turton and Kathryn Williams will contest the election. The polling station is The Hub, School Road.


Roger Bankes-Jones, Henry Bridson, Geoffrey Gelling, Philip Matthews and John Snelling have been elected unopposed.


Elaine Clarke, Frank Crompton, Ian Davison, Hazel Hannan, Voirrey Heaton, Alan Jones, Madeline Kelly, Charles Miller, Christine Moughtin, Ian Tomkins and Michael Wade will contest the election. Both polling stations will be at Corrin Hall, Derby Road.

Port Erin

Gerald Callister, Godfrey Egee, Barbara Guy, Hannah Mackenzie, Mark Morley and Dawn Sim have been elected unopposed.

Port St Mary

Rebecca Gelling, Alan Grace, Laurence Vaughan-Williams and Carol Williams have been elected unopposed.


North Ward – Stephen Kelly, Juan McGuinness and Wilfred Young are elected unopposed. However, the ward will need to fill the three vacant seats at a later date.

South Ward – Geoffrey Court, Robert Cowell, Norman Greenwood, Albert Oldham, Leonard Singer and Ffinlo Williams are elected unopposed.


Howard Benson, Ian Burrell, Ann Davidson, Voirrey Kelly, Amos Kennaugh and Anna-Lucia Parker will contest the election. 

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