Family Library Given 12 Month Reprieve

The gov has confirmed that the Family Library will receive financial support of up to £125,000, on receipt of an appropriate business case, to ensure that the Mobile Library service is maintained for a further 12 months.

The support will be made available via the Bona Vacantia Fund (ownerless property which, by law, passes to the Crown), which is managed by the Treasury. 

Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan said: ‘I am pleased that this funding has been secured, although the need to determine how the Family Library operates into the future remains.’

A consultation on the report of the Council of Ministers Working Party on Libraries will be launched next week.

It was reported in June that with direct gov financial support ending and COVID affecting everyone financially, the Family Library has not been able to find the funds required to ensure it can continue to deliver its highly acclaimed and vital community services.

As a result, the Library was having to consider all options, upto and including the closure of all existing services which would not only affect its nearly 2,000 subscribers island-wide, but also the loss of nine jobs.

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