Family Library to Seek Long Term Funding Solution

The Family Library is to work to create a long term funding plan after the gov stepped in to provide funding for one year.

There had been a fear the library would close as its income was squeezed. However a campaign calling for it to be saved piled pressure on the gov to offer some assistance to give the library time to resolve its long term funding.

A spokesman said: ‘Following today’s announcement, we are very appreciative that the Isle of Man Government has recognised the value of our services and pledged £125,000 to our current plight. Indeed, we look forward to working with Treasury to define a suitable business plan which is the prerequisite to access this funding.

‘Recognising that the Government is seeking to clarify our sustainability beyond the next 12 months, the Library also believes part of that sustainability plan should include a contribution by Government and we look forward to exploring and justifying that position as a collaborative exercise. Going forward, we welcome any public consultation, as we believe we have strong support. However, we reserve judgement at this time until the context and questions formed in the consultation – based on a report which is yet to be published – are known.’

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