Mark Cavendish

Oh come on, you already know. It is now 33 wins for the quickest man on two wheels. 

Armed Police

After an incident in Douglas yesterday which saw armed police cordon off a street, a spokesman told Hef: ‘As a result of a report from the member of the public armed police were deployed yesterday to an address in Douglas. The matter was resolved quickly. Enquiries are ongoing and we can’t comment further at this time.’

Red Sea Spies

The Isle of Man Friends of Israel will be hosting “Red Sea Spies” event on Sunday 11 July. 

Called ‘Fact, Fiction and Fakery- the epic Mossad Mission which saved the Ethiopian Jews‘, the free event is on Sunday, July 11 at 7.30pm for 8pm start at Elim Church, Second Avenue Onchan.

Sunset Links

A new evening bus service will come into operation later this month linking Peel and Port Erin.

This N8 Sunset Links service will run every Friday and Saturday from 23 July to 4 September, providing four trips each way serving Peel, St John’s, Foxdale, Ballamodha, Castletown, Port St Mary and Port Erin.

Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker said: ‘I know this evening link is much-anticipated; the Department has acted on feedback from customers, its team and business owners to introduce a service which is designed to give people options and enhance the night-time economy in the south and west. The service has been fully approved by the Road Transport Licensing Committee and, if successful, it’s anticipated that it will become a regular fixture on the timetable, covering the first weekend of every month throughout the year.’

He added: ‘This is a great example of positive collaborative working and we are particularly grateful for the support of the Department of Enterprise and the traders’ body Visit Port Erin for helping get this venture off the ground.’

The fare between Port Erin/Port St Mary/Castletown/Ballamodha to St John’s/Peel is a £7 1-day saver ticket, which can be purchased on the bus and used for the return journey. The ticket is available for travel on all bus vannin services during the day and evening, and enables half fare on Hullad Oie Night Owl services. Other Go cards such as Go Explore, Go Easy, Go Platinum Bus are also valid on this service. A special £3.50 1-day saver ticket is available for Go Silver and Go Gold card holders.

Pubs to Stay Open

Licensing laws in the UK are to be relaxed to allow pubs to stay open later for Sunday’s Euro 2020 final, Downing Street has confirmed. Premises will be able to stay open for an extra 45 minutes until 11.15pm, in case the game goes to extra time and penalties. The measure would apply whether or not England get to the final. It follows similar moves for the 2014 World Cup and events such as royal weddings.

Yanks Pull Out

The US military left Bagram Airfield – its key base in Afghanistan – in the dead of night without notifying the Afghans, the base’s new commander said. General Asadullah Kohistani told the BBC that the US left Bagram at 3am local time on Friday, and that the Afghan military found out hours later. Bagram also contains a prison, and there are reportedly up to 5,000 Taliban prisoners left in the facility. The Taliban have been advancing rapidly in Afghanistan as US troops withdraw.

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