David Ashford has announced that he will seek re-election in September’s General Election.

In a statement Mr Ashford said: ‘After much consideration I have decided to seek re-election as a Member for the House of Keys for Douglas North at the forthcoming elections in September.

‘Over the last five years this administration has a wide diversity of challenges to face, from the worldwide pandemic, Brexit, VAT renegotiation to beneficial ownership. Each of those challenges have had to be tackled head on in order to ensure the safety and economic interests of the island. But the challenges of the next five years will be no less intense. While most of the challenges of the last five years have been international, most of the big challenges of the next five will be domestic. From addressing the age old problem of funding for social care, providing affordable housing for our young people starting out in life who aspire to owning their own home, to reform of the planning system, the next administration will need to address a wide range of domestic issues.

‘In order to address this domestic agenda it will require a House of Keys that is a blend of new ideas and personalities and also people with experience within government and parliamentary experience. Over the last four years I have taken on one of the most challenging roles within government that of Minister for Health & Social Care. I have relished the challenge and has provided me with a wide range of political challenges and experience that I believe will be useful in the next House.

‘It has been a great honour and privilege to represent the people Douglas North and some of my happiest moments over the last five years has been where I have been able to assist constituents on a personal level and been able to see the personal impact that assistance has had. Over the next two and a half months I will be out speaking to constituents and putting myself forward to represent them for a further five years, if they are willing to have me.’

Mr Ashford joins joins fellow sitting MHK Ralph Peake, John Wannenburgh and Kevin Oliphant-Smith in confirming their intention to seek election in Douglas North.

The General Election is due to be held on Thursday, September 23. If you’re planing to stand, make sure to let Gef know by emailing hello@gefthemongoose.com.

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