POC IOM celebrated its first birthday in June 2021 and, ever since, we have spoken about the idea of hosting some sort of celebratory event, not only to commemorate the work that we have done, but also to shed light on the plethora of cultures we have here on the Isle of Man. 

There are many people of colour on the island that identify not only as Manx, but also with their ethnic heritage. The way we see it – ‘Manx-ness’ is ever changing, and can look many different ways. We wanted to take a day to acknowledge that, and in that idea we found ‘Culture Fest’. 

So, what can you expect on the day? Where to start!

Culture Fest will be held at The Nunnery, on Saturday August 21.

POC IOM started this crazy journey after the BLM march last year, which ended at the Sea Terminal. We want to start our day of celebration by continuing the march from where we left off and, this year, carrying onward to The Nunnery where the very first ‘Culture Festival’ will take place. We would love for everyone to join the march, in symbolisation of how far we as a community have come in the past year in continuing our journey in willingness to learn and stand with the POC community on the island. The march will begin at the Sea Terminal car park at 10am and follow a designated route along the Quay, onto Old Castletown Road, and then into The Nunnery grounds. 

Once inside, the main festivities of Culture Fest will kick-off at 11am with live music and food trucks on offer throughout the day. From 11am until 4pm, Culture Fest will take the shape of a family-friendly afternoon. There will be free children’s entertainment, featuring Active Souls, Mad Jack’s, Palettes Face Painting, and the chance to win coupons to use at the Craftwork Studio stall on the day. There will also be educational workshops taking place, some tailored for children, and others for adults, which will be run by local charities and organisations. We will have a number of local businesses selling their products, ranging from cakes and tray bakes, to jewellery, records and even home decor, we’ve got it all! 

Then, from 4pm, Culture Fest will take on much more of a festival shape – with emphasis on the many live musicians we’ll have in attendance. There will be a fantastic line up, with many Manx favourites ready to feature – (the full list will be announced soon). This portion of the day is only open to anyone over the age of 18. 

We have plenty more to announce in the coming weeks, from free travel options, raffle entries and prizes, entertainment, workshop schedules and deals with hotels that are willing to lend a hand for anyone who fancies a night out in the big smoke afterwards. We encourage you to keep your eyes peeled on both the @poc_iom and @gefthemongoose social media pages for ALL THINGS Culture Fest. 

A huge thank you to the people and sponsors who helped us make our dream of Culture Fest a reality, you know who you are, and we appreciate you so much. These will all be revealed in the very near future, so everyone will be able to acknowledge those who have supported us on this crazy journey.

Tickets are on sale now so move fast to ensure you secure yours, they are priced at £11.37 and, for all you families out there, it is worth noting that under 18s will be admitted into Culture Fest for free (Although still be sure to get them an U18 ticket).

Bring your friends, bring your family and enjoy the food, the workshops, the activities, the music, the drinks and the lovely inclusive atmosphere to appreciate how far we’ve come. There’s lots in store and you don’t want to miss out… see you there! 



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