The Family Library has said its future still hangs in the balance despite the gov saying it had money available for it.

It has taken up the invitation to apply for funding from the Bona Vacantia (“vacant goods”) fund which means that there would be no draw on the Taxpayer or gov reserves as the fund is made up by estates where there are no beneficiaries on the death of the owner, and from dissolved companies.

It seemed its future was safe for another year as the gov announced that the Council of Ministers confirmed that the Family Library will receive financial support of up to £125,000, on receipt of an appropriate business case, to ensure that the Mobile Library service is maintained for a further 12 months. 

However, in a statement this evening, the Family Library said: ‘The required business case has been submitted to the Government and we await their review and decision along with any conditions that may be applied. But the fact still remains that there needs to be a sustainable solution that extends beyond the coming twelve months to maintain such a valuable community resource.’

Last week it was announced that a consultation on the report of the Council of Ministers Working Party on Libraries was to be launched this week.

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