When POC IOM started on the wild journey of turning Culture Fest, a festival that celebrates the vibrant and diverse culture on the island, into a reality, we really underestimated how much planning, organizing and help would be required. We quickly realized how much of a task we had taken on, and we started to speak to some of the Isle of Man businesses to see if they could offer us any help. 

We have been lucky enough to secure some incredible sponsors that have allowed us to piece together our vision, and have also provided us with invaluable encouragement, support and advice. We are so grateful to these fantastic businesses that we have managed to get on board, and wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank them.

Barclays: General Sponsorship, Charity Committee 

Barclays was the first company to hear out our crazy dream of Culture Fest. Barclays have supported us from the very beginning by providing both financial and organizational aid, as well as dedicating a team of volunteers to help us out on the big day! They have been extremely helpful in every element of organisation and planning. Barclays have also helped to promote the Race For Change sponsored walk throughout their office and have managed to get a lot of their staff involved, meaning that attendance should be high! We look forward to seeing all of the amazing Barclays staff and volunteers enjoying their day at Culture Fest – it will be very much deserved. 

KPMG: Family Area

KPMG were keen to be involved from the outset. They saw the vision for Culture Fest and the benefits of children and families being able to attend together. We wanted to have an area where kids could have fun, try something new and be active, and where parents didn’t need to worry about breaking the bank for all the different activities and games. KPMG loved the idea of inclusivity and accessibility for all, and wanted to help us power this idea. KPMG have very kindly sponsored the Culture Fest family area to ensure that every child (and child at heart!) can play until their heart’s content. 

Newfield: Free Buses 

When we thought about possible things that might stop people from attending Culture Fest, one of the things that screamed out was travel and parking. We wanted to combat this barrier by providing a number of free buses to run from the South, West and North of the island. Newfield loved the idea of Culture Fest from the moment they heard about the event, and were keen for accessibility to remain at the heart of their sponsorship. Newfield have kindly sponsored 6 buses to run to and from Culture Fest. There will be more info on routes and timings coming soon. 

ZEDRA: General Sponsorship

We met with ZEDRA to pitch the crazy idea of Culture Fest, and they loved it from the get go. ZEDRA understood the vision for both our family day, and for the festival evening. Joanna Bodell, Managing Director, commented ‘The festival is a fantastic idea to bring together the local community, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. We are delighted to support this event in going ahead’. ZEDRA has very kindly provided us with financial support to spread across different areas of the festival. They have helped us in making sure that many different elements of the festival are ironed out and looking perfect.

We want to say a huge thank you to all of our sponsors. The POC IOM team cannot begin to express how thankful we are for each and every one of you! We look forward to seeing you all at Culture Fest enjoying the day after all your hard work in helping us make it a reality. 
If any readers would also be interested in sponsoring Culture Fest, please don’t hesitate to contact us at pocisleofman@gmail.com

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