Douglas and Ramsey RNLIs have celebrated two of their crews achieving coxswain status after assessments this weekend. In Douglas, Peter Cowin gained his accreditation, while Greg Anderson from Ramsey’s lifeboat passed his final assessments. 

Peter Cowin passed his coxswain assessment over the weekend. Picture Lee Quirk.
Greg Anderson passed his final coxswain assessment this weekend. Picture credit: Ramsey RNLI

Ring Crimestoppers

As part of Operation Strongbox, Isle of Man Police highlighted a significant rise in the

interception of drug importations while the borders were closed to travellers.

With the borders reopening there are concerns that dealers may seek to travel to the island in order to recover owed monies, which may include the use of violence.

Whilst always urging people to contact the Police directly with information, the charity

Crimestoppers said it ‘is aware that there are times when people feel unable to do so’.

A spokesman said: ‘At such times, Crimestoppers provides an alternative where people can report details of specific crimes or related concerns free and 100% anonymously. Crimestoppers are not the Police. Should anyone feel unable or unwilling to speak to the Police directly please ring Crimestoppers. Crimestoppers is appealing for anyone with information about drugs related activity, or indeed any crime, to get in touch with them online via their website or by ringing 0800 555 111. Details of individuals, transactions and locations are all critical to stopping the flow of illegal substances into our communities and we appeal to all with information to get in touch. By reporting via Crimestoppers your anonymity is 100% guaranteed. We are not interested in finding out who you are, only what you know and so the more detail you give us the better. We really appreciate your time and help, it will help keep the island safe.


Inflation rose again last month, up 0.2% to 3.7% as measured by the CPI. As with May, the biggest influence on June’s figures was transport with oil and fuels up by 47.2% and air travel up 31.7%.

Long Covid

Scientists say they have detected irregularities in the blood of long Covid patients that could one day pave the way for a test for the condition. Imperial College London researchers found a pattern of rogue antibodies in the blood of a small number of people with long Covid. They hope it could lead to a simple blood test within six to 18 months.

Dr Elaine Maxwell, from the National Institute of Health Research, said the early findings were ‘exciting’.

Daily Mail

The Rothermere family is considering making an £810m bid to take the owner of the Daily Mail news group private. A formal offer is dependent on the Daily Mail and General Trust selling its insurance and Cazoo financial arms. The family founded the Daily Mail, which listed on the London stock market in 1932 and expanded into a multi-media business. A DMGT statement said the directors ‘were minded’ to accept the Rothermere’s offer. Lord Rothermere is already the controlling shareholder of DMGT through a 28% stake owned by his family trust, RCL.

Super Mario

A sealed copy of video game Super Mario 64 has sold at auction for more than $1.5m (£1.1m), shattering records. The 1996 cartridge was a launch title for the Nintendo 64 console. The auction house said there were ‘fewer than five’ copies in such good condition. The sale dwarfed another record-breaker, an original Legend of Zelda cartridge, set just two days before. That original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) cartridge sold for $870,000 on Friday, briefly making it the world’s most expensive game

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