Mikey Lee has announced his intention to contest the Glenfaba and Peel constituency in September’s General Election.

Mr Lee’s candidacy means voters will currently have to choose of two from seven.

In a statement, the postal worker said: ‘I have decided to make this my official statement that I plan to stand in this years general election for Glenfaba and Peel. I’m not going to include my goals, plans and ideas in this post as I want to make sure that I have all of my thoughts in a legible order before I do post them, but I will make sure they are posted soon. I look forward to talking to everyone in the coming months and in the mean time if anyone wants a chat beforehand they can contact me in various ways that I have included on my page.’

Mr Lee joins Geoffrey Boot, Trevor Cowin, Tim Crookall, the Green Party’s Leo Cussons, Ray Harmer and Kate Lord-Brennan.

The General Election is on Thursday September 23. If you’re planning to vote, make sure you’re registered and if you plan to stand, let Gef know by emailing hello@gefthemongoose.com.

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