Covid Not Cause of Minor Injuries Advice

The gov has said that the build of pressure at Noble’s Hospital on Monday, which led to it asking people with minor injuries to go to Ramsey Cottage Hospital, was not due to the Covid.

A tweet from the gov said it was facing ‘extremely high demand within Noble’s Hospital Emergency Department’ and requested people travel to Ramsey for treatment of minor injuries.

A spokesman for DHSC told Gef that ‘Monday and Tuesday are usually the busiest days of the week in ED at Noble’s’ and that this week was no exception.

The spokeswoman added: ‘Problems such as an injured finger/foot/knee/ankle, a trip injury, eye problem, back pain, insect bite, that sort of thing has been very common – and can be expertly catered for at Ramsey, hence people with minor injuries were asked to go there for swifter service, as the waits had become fairly long at Noble’s. It’s not to do with Covid – no one in the ED dept or NH itself has Covid – nor staffing. Just more people than the waiting/assessment area is designed for.’

Ramsey’s MIU has the same minor injuries’ services and equipment that Noble’s has and employs specialist nurses trained in minor injuries management. 

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