The Perfect Flower for Any Occasion

Flowers have been used for centuries to express emotions. And what is more lovely than receiving a bunch of flowers? Whether it’s a spontaneous gift, a means to celebrate a life event or just a cheeky treat for yourself, flowers are a guaranteed way to brighten your or someone else’s day.  

If you’re looking for the perfect flowers for every occasion, we’ve teamed up with our mates at Signature by Robinson’s, who create some incredible arrangements- for everything from a birthday bouquet to wedding flowers. They are experts at choosing the flowers that will delight your recipient. If you’re looking for some inspo in the meantime, however, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite flowers and their meanings.


Is there any flower that is more cheerful than a sunflower? The vibrancy of these beautiful flowers can brighten up any environment. In China, they are a symbol of good luck. It’s pretty obvious why- it’s almost impossible to look at them without feeling positive. They look great as a bunch in a vase (very Van Gogh), or standing out in a bouquet of mixed flowers.

Red roses

A classic for a reason. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like 12, red roses. It’s incredibly romantic- definitely one to avoid sending to your Mum.

Other roses

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more platonic than red roses, pink and yellow roses are fantastic. They’re the perfect solution if you need to say ‘I like you, but I don’t LUST over you- I just wanted you to enjoy some pretty flowers’. 


If you’re an avid Gossip Girl fan, you’ll remember that peonies were Blair Waldorf’s favourite flower. She, obviously, had impeccable taste: they are incredibly pretty. These flowers have a rich mythological history, with peonies often symbolising compassion or bashfulness.  

Gerbera Daisies 

This flower symbolises purity, innocence and beauty. Like the sunflower however, it’s also just a really cheerful flower. It also comes in a range of stunning colours, meaning there is a shade for everyone. 


Like many other flowers, orchids are symbols of love. However, being beautiful and hardy, they’re great for housewarming presents. They live several weeks, and can reflower.


These flowers are thought to symbolise happiness and joy. It’s even true of the name- try saying it five times, especially after a few drinks. What a fun little flower.

Flowers with champagne

Technically not a flower you’d see on Gardeners World, but a definite favourite of mine. Robinson’s provides the classic combo- and yes, if you’re looking to send me a present, I would absolutely accept them.

Fruit Hamper

Definitely not a flower, BUT an option if you’re not feeling floral vibes. There’s something that’s just BETTER about fruit from a hamper. It’s the perfect gift for the health conscious friend, or if you want to passively aggressively suggest someone needs a healthier diet. Personally, I love a back-handed present- but this is probably too nice for anyone to ever take offence.

If you’re looking for the perfect floral (or fruit!) gift, the expert team at Robinson’s are on hand to make perfect bouquets, whether you’re wanting a gift for yourself, someone else, or flowers for an event. Get in touch at:

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