A public survey to consult on the gov’s proposal to permanently change the speed limit on Douglas Promenade and surrounding streets has been launched by Michael Josem, the Liberal Vannin candidate for Douglas East.

Mr Josem said that a notice, which the DoI is required to publish in a local paper, was ‘buried on page 27’ of a newspaper last week.

That notice said the DoI wanted to introduce 20mph speed limits on ‘various roads in Douglas’ but didn’t actually list which ones they are.

A map of the affected roads

Mr Josem said: ‘Making the Douglas Promenade 20 mph speed limit permanent might be a good thing. But it’s about time that we had elected representatives who are our representative to the Government, instead of the Government’s representatives to the public. With the DoI failing to proactively consult with local residents, we need to fight for the interests of all of us. That’s why we are launching this public survey: so that residents can have their say, rather than just having DOI officers impose their rule on us.’

Mr Josem

He added that a representative of the DoI had said: “The statutory consultation requirement for such a proposal is prescribed in Schedule 2 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1985. This sets out that the Department must publish notice of its intention in a newspaper, allowing for a period of not less than 14 days for comments, representations etc. to be made. The advert has recently been published to start the ball rolling with the process and invite comments from those that may be affected. As I understand it, on this occasion, no preliminary consultation has been undertaken beforehand,” said the DOI official.”

Mr Josem’s consultation can be found here.

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