Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker will this week ask Tynwald to support a bid for £13.8m from the Capital Transactions Account for the new Ferry Terminal in Liverpool.

The supplementary order paper for this week’s sitting says the £13.8m is on top of the current budget of £38m and is to ‘address the financial impacts to date of the Covid-19 pandemic and of the additional site remediation and quay awl protection works required’.

Due to be open in February 2021, the completion date for the new terminal was first put back to July next year and is now due to be completed next year. However, in April Mr Baker said that further delays could not be ruled out.

In a statement, Mr Baker said: ‘ Tynwald members are being briefed on all the issues facing this important project, which will cement the Island’s maritime connection with the heart of Liverpool for future generations. The effects of the pandemic continue to be felt, and should not be underestimated in a project of this scale. In addition, unforeseen problems mean solutions must be paid for which were not originally forecast and accommodated within the approved budget.’

‘The current completion date agreed with the contractor is March 2022. However, it’s crucial people understand that finding and implementing a solution to the quay wall protection issue and overcoming other challenges mean this is likely to move into the following year. The funding being sought this week is designed to provide budget capacity past the post-election Tynwald sittings and, once scour procurement and associated negotiations are complete, the Department will return to Tynwald for the balance of funding required to complete the project.’

£13.8m – a breakdown:

  • COVID impact – £5m
  • Scour solution initial estimate – £3.5M
  • Ground condition issues – £2.1M
  • Quay wall issues – £2.4M
  • Other costs, eg. fees – £0.8M


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