New Raft for Ramsey

Ramsey Commissioners have launched a new raft onto the south beach this afternoon for the use of residents and visitors to the town. A statement said: ‘We were pleased to welcome Daigen Richmond and Freya Butterworth as the first users of the raft.We would like to thank the those who assisted with the construction and installation of the raft including NK Construction, Mezeron, Vehicle Testing Centre, JW Keen, Commissioner Wilf Young and our workforce.’

Chief Minister Leads DFE

Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK has become the new Minister for Enterprise after the election Laurence Skelly MLC as the President of Tynwald this morning, meaning he could no longer hold the position. The Chief Minister said: ‘I wish to pay tribute to Mr Skelly – who has served as Minister for Economic Development and subsequently as Minister for Enterprise for seven years – for his leadership and for the integral role he has played in growing the Island’s economy and driving efforts to continue our diversification.

He continued: ‘As the Island continues its economic recovery from COVID-19, there remains much work for Government to do, and I look forward to working with the Department’s political members over the coming weeks and months to drive these efforts forward.’

Council Leader Praises Cav

Outgoing Douglas Council leader David Christian has applauded Mark Cavendish on his outstanding achievements in this year’s Tour de France after equalling Eddy Merckx’s all time stage wins record. Councillor Christian said: ‘Mark Cavendish has achieved a truly remarkable comeback this year that will go down in sporting history. After a couple of difficult years, he’s had an incredibly successful three weeks in Paris competing in the Tour, capped off by winning his second green jersey. To all of us in the Isle of Man, though, Mark’s far more than a world-class sportsman. He’s enormously proud of his Manx roots and is a magnificent ambassador for the Isle of Man. It was for those reasons that the council chose to confer upon him the Honorary Freedom of the Borough of Douglas.’

Schools to Celebrate UNESCO Status

Schools are to explore and celebrate the Isle of Man’s UNESCO Biosphere status with a special week of activities. During the week commencing 27 June 2022, schools will mark this partnership by exploring what Biosphere status means and how it benefits the Isle of Man, they can do this by way of special lessons, speakers, assemblies, trips out, crafts and creativity. Dr Alex Allinson MHK, Minister for Education, Sport and Culture, said: ‘All our schools are signed up to the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Partner Pledge and, as part of that, work hard towards the aims, which include supporting our cultural heritage and making their environmental impact positive wherever possible.’

Another Billionaire in Space

After Virgin billionaire Richard Branson’s trip to the edge of space last week, now Jeff Bezos has had his turn. The Amazon founder and richest person in the world, who currently has a net worth of $204.3 billion according to, said the trip up 351,210 ft was his ‘best day ever.’ He was joined in the ‘New Shepard’ rocket by his brother Mark, 18-year-old Oliver Daemen, the son of a CEO of a private equity firm who payed for his millions for his ticket and 82-year-old Wally Funk who become the youngest and oldest ever astronauts. Funk, an accomplished pilot, joined the trip after training to go to space in the 1960s for the Mercury 13 program for female astronauts before it was scrapped.

HMV is Back on The High Street

Entertainment store HMV is to open 10 new stores this year, including a new flagship site in London. The move comes despite the closure of the previous London landmark store after the company fell into administration in 2018. The business was then bought by Canadian billionaire Doug Putman who told the BBC: ‘People obviously love going out shopping, they like touching and feeling and that’s something that online is not going to replace … I’m still very optimistic on the [HMV] business and business as a whole on the High Street. I still think the High Street is just something so special.’

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