No Plans for Hosepipe Ban

Whilst it may have felt like the heat apocalypse is finally upon us the last few days, Manx Utilities have confirmed that they do not have serious concerns about reservoir levels so are not planning a hosepipe ban.

According to the Ronaldsway Met Office, the last rainfall we had on the island was on July 11 with the next possible rain on Saturday, although this is only a 20% chance. However, Manx Utilities say that they are expecting ‘near normal’ rainfall from July to September despite warmer temperatures.

The island’s largest reservoir in Sulby currently stands at 89% full although MU are currently pumping water from Sulby to the reservoir in West Baldwin although they say is normal practice for dryer periods. They said a very wet May has made a difference with water levels this year compared to last when hosepipe bans were brought in during a heatwave in June.

An MU rep said: ‘Whilst we don’t have serious concerns and are not planning to introduce a hosepipe ban we would like people to consider how wisely water is used in their daily lives.  Avoiding the prolonged use of hosepipes or watering your garden in the evening so plants get the full benefit without water evaporating and recycling used water are examples on how the community can help.’

The ban brought in last year at the beginning of June came after the island’s driest spring since 1984 with 78.7 mm of rain compared to an average of 172mm, and brought in the threat of a £2,000 fine for those caught flouting the rules.

The current outlook for the rest of this week sees temperatures set to rise with a peak on Thursday of 28℃ and a cloudier weekend with the heat lowering and bringing in a slim chance of rain.

For more information on how to make the best use of your water you can go to the MU website at

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