Speaker – Hey all we’re in a hybrid sitting today so some members are here with us and some are online. Be careful of the hot weather. Now let’s get on with this election for the new president then.

Barber – I nominate Juan Watterson, his experience in presiding over Tynwald has shown his leadership. He has been on over 20 parliamentary committees and attended commonwealth conferences. He is an active and enthusiastic member.

Speaker- Looks like I won’t be able to preside over this election then.

Robertshaw – Under the Constitutional Act 1990, I propose that the AG become acting president of Tynwald


AG – Any more nominations then?

Poole-Wilson – I wish to second the nomination of Mr Speaker, I’ve worked with him on the public accounts committee and he knows what he’s doing. He’ll be able to hit the ground running and act as a spokesperson for that branch.

AG – Any further nominations?

Caine – I would like to propose Mr Skelly. I first met him when he represented the Isle of Man in California. He coordinated the Tynwald fair for several years before he was elected as MHK in 2011, serving in the Dept for Economic Development, chair of the planning committee before 3 months as DoI minister. Having served under Mr Skelly in the Department for Enterprise I have had much support from him. He has demonstrated selflessness, objectivity and leadership.

Hendo – I wish to second this nomination. I want a pres who can provide a strong presence, demonstrate leadership skills and he has the appropriate background experience. I want the pres to be able to represent Tynwald locally and globally and have a good knowledge of our procedures. I have known Mr Skelly for many years and he fits all the values I have outlined so I have no hesitation in seconding this nomination.

AG – Any more nominations? Nope, ok we’ll read out that long list of candidates then and then we’ll vote.


AG – Anybody not here please type your vote in the chat box


Clerk – Oops I pressed the wrong button lol

AG – Number of votes for Skelly is 20 and votes for Watterson is 12. Skelly the new President of Tynwald. That concludes our first item on the order paper so now we’ll let the new pres take his seat.

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