Howard, Ashford and Dr H

Numbers have gone up, we’ve crossed the 1k threshold.

I know lots of you use the numbers as a barometer to how our island is fairing in the face of the pandemic.

But we must shift our focus from case numbers to hospitalisations

I understand this change of mindset will take time

This shift from elimination to living with it was never going to be easy

We don’t want to lockdown again – but never say never

I hope our vax programme will help make sure that lockdown isn’t necessary

But we cannot rule it out

Any response will be to protect our hospital capacity it will not be about preventing people from getting on with their lives


Over 77% of those eligible for vax have had two doses

31st August all eligible adults will have been offered their 2nd jab

Being vaxxed doesn’t completely shield us from Covid – but it does reduce the number of hospitalisations and death

In the days ahead we will see more people being admitted to hospital but lets put it into perspective…

March 2021

850 active cases – 23 hospital


Over 1K – 5 in hospital

The vaccine is working and its saving lives – even though it doesn’t give FULL protection it’s still helping

This mindshift will take time but the vax is helping


Swabbers abused at the Grandstand

Don’t beep your car horn – it’s distracting and intimidating

Don’t be rude to pharmacists

They’re only doing their jobs so be nice

Police will regularly patrol the grandstand

Respect our Health and Social Care workers

Don’t be mean to them on social media

PPE – Manx Care’s response to living with Covid

We need to protect patients

Dr H

Nursing home closed to visitors which has caused some concerns about 2+2 and being at risk of infection

We do expect to see cases of covid in people who are double jabbed

Vaccines are highly effective but they are not perfect

95% protection from hospitalisation and death

But age is still a risk with Covid – the vax doesn’t take the risk to zero 

We also need to remember:





If you develop symptoms stay home and get tested


Consider mask wearing when enclosed spaces

Walk in vax appointments for 18+ next week

Tues 27th, Wed 28th July, 9am – 12pm

First dose only – Pfizer

@Chester St Vax Hub

People have missed 2nd doses because of iso or being positive – the team are aware and you’ll be rebooked


We need to protect residents of residential homes

As we learn to live with the virus we need to look at travel

COMEN hoped to make changes this Saturday

But Tynwald voted against chatting about it today. Obvs gutted about it. Gonna chat to COMEN about tonight.


Alex W: Nursing home, is it staff and residents who have tested positive?

Ashford: Two residents

Alex W: Lateral Flows, 160,000 tests, how much is this costing the gov?

Howard: £2.75 per test

Alex W: £440,000 is that right?

Ashford: Lols, yes sounds right, but that’s why I’m Health and not Treasury.

Arianne: Ashford, you’ve shifted your focus to hospital capacity but what are you doing to make sure General Practice can carry on.

Ashford: Covid cases are isolated, GPs have protocols in place since the beginning of this pandemic. To be honest there will be an impact but suspension of elective surgeries is not down to Covid.

Arianne:: Are there any plans to review treasury support for businesses?

Howard: Alf is looking at it and will be announcing shortly

Paul: Dr H, are you fully on board with CoMin’s decisions?

Dr H: I don’t make the decisions, I make sure they have all the info.

Paul: But are YOU 100% on side

Dr H: Pros and cons to both sides of the argument, no one has a crystal ball (except Mystic Chess), I’m a public servant. As a public servant I will support the delivery.

Paul: Herd Immunity, is this now the plan?

Ashford: Nope. 

Paul: Dr H what do you think?

Dr H: We have our tools in our tool kit, vax, space, face, hands, fresh air, test and isolate

Howard: Herd Imm.. I mean Covid antibodies don’t last forever.

Ashford: Herd Immunity only works if it’s a one time illness. My mate in the UK has had Covid four times 

Rob: Hundreds of workers forced into iso, businesses closing, Covid dashboard broken, cases in children, inadequate supplies of LFTs. Do you admit that it’s a failure?

HQ: LFTs are a success, they’ve been super popular with the public. I know people are anxious but the damage to society and health being in lockdown is not ok. 

Ashford: It’s not about cases anymore it’s about hospitalisations

Rob: You’ve not brought up iso rules and businesses?

Ashford: Oh yes, we have Incapacity Benefit increase for people isolating for 14 days.

Rob: What’s going on with the dashboard, figures not making sense?

Ashford: *Snapshot* Always refer to slide two on the dashboard.

Howard: We’re not saying everything is perfect. 

Rob: Is this really living with the virus? Businesses are struggling.

Howard: Alf will be announcing something shortly. 

Gemma: Has the gov calculated for the surge in cases we’re having?

Howard: I said from day one, that as soon as we had people travelling to the island that we would expect cases. 

Ashford: What matters now is the outcome of cases not the number of cases. We’ve got a lot of people taking LFTs who are testing positive and we may never have found these cases as quite a few people aren’t showing symptoms or very minor symptoms.

Dr H: Modelling doesn’t really work on the Isle of Man – population too small.


I hope everyone makes a full recovery

It’s worrying times and gov is doing it’s best

This coverage is not intended to be a verbatim transcript and should not be treated as such, you can listen to the full briefing here.

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