Speaker of the House of Keys Juan Watterson has announced his intention to seek re-election in the constituency of Rushen in the upcoming General Election.

Mr Watterson said: ‘When I first stood for the House of Keys it was on the basis that we needed MHKs who understood public services and could provide real value for money. This is as much needed now as it was then. During my last five years as Speaker and Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and Poverty Committee, I have continued the fight for value for money, better public services and a society where no-one is left behind.

‘The next five years will be dominated by financial pressures, and the fall-out from the pandemic. We will need to instil confidence that Government can still provide a great place to live and work despite this turbulence. I believe over my fifteen years of service I have a strong record of doing better with less money. Locally, I have worked with my colleagues on a direct bus service to Noble’s hospital and the evening services to Peel, am the founding Chairman of Rushen Heritage Trust, Director of Southern Befrienders, and Vice Chairman of Port Erin Royal British Legion. I will be posting more over the coming weeks about the future, as well as knocking on doors in the constituency.’

The politician, who is also the Deputy President of Tynwald, joins Andrew Langan-Newton, Mark Kemp and Dr Michelle Haywood in standing for the constituency which includes the villages of Port Erin and Port St Mary.

The General Election is on September, Thursday 23. If you’re planning to vote, make sure you’re registered and if you’re planning to run, let Gef know by emailing hello@gefthemongoose.com.

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