Gef’s Got You Covered For Election 2021

Covid. Cannabis. Affordable living. The Prom.

Whatever the issue, everyone’s got an opinion on something. With the General Election occurring this year (23rd September, if you haven’t made a note yet) the power is in our hands to vote for the people who impact our daily lives.

Voting on the Isle of Man can feel like a bit of a minefield so that’s why we’ve decided to round up all the information in one handy website, so you can make some informed decisions. We’ll be letting you know everything from who is standing, what they’re standing for, to how to actually vote. Our politics nerds are here to break through all the noise and empower you to vote for the people who will represent your voice.

Our new website makes it easier than ever for you to make an informed choice this election. The site has a breakdown for each constituency including where the polling stations are, previous election results and turnout and where you can find the public meetings/debates before the big day.

The candidate pages are also very useful with each candidate being sent a Gef form to fill out. Which lets us know where they stand on the most important issues to the island and a bit about them, including where they see themselves on the political spectrum.

If you have decided to stand in the General Election, make sure you’ve filled in our Gef form to be featured on the site, click here to submit your entry.

You can visit our brand new, state-of-the-art, top tier election site by clicking here, and maybe even add it as a bookmark for ease of access as you decide which candidate to go for.

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