Vaccine Kick-Off at Public Meeting

A public meeting in Douglas on Monday descended into a heckling match as protestors confronted Ministers Ashford and Dr Allinson over their belief that the Covid vaccine ‘makes you magnetic’.

Health Minister David Ashford and Education Minister Alex Allinson, who is also a doctor, attended a meeting of the Positive Action Group to discuss how plans to manage the pandemic were made and implemented but a woman attending showed them what appears to be a magnet ‘sticking’ to her arm in a video posted to Facebook.

Dr Allinson attempted to calm the group and debunk the theory saying: ‘The hoax is that the vaccination causes some magnetic traction that can make things stick to your skin, I can balance spoons on my nose but that doesn’t mean to say it’s magnetic.’

The theory has been around almost as long as the vaccines themselves and has been widely debunked by scientists who point out that none of the Covid vaccines available contain metal or ingredients that can produce an electromagnetic field.

Whilst the science of magnetism is complex, the reasoning for why people can sometimes appear to stick metallic or magnetic objects to their skin is due to friction and the natural stickiness of some people’s skin.

The protestors also claimed that the contents of the vaccines were unknown, despite the fact that the vaccine ingredients are widely available and included on the information leaflet given to patients after they are jabbed, the UK government includes vaccine ingredients for those they have approved here.

The video was posted by @manxharbours on Facebook and can be seen below. For more information on vaccines and magnetism, you can visit this Forbes article and this Wired article.

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